8 Ways to Access Your Feminine Energy

8 Ways to Access Your Feminine Energy

Sep 20 2019

For some of us, finding balance in our relationships–both with ourselves and our loved ones–can be our greatest challenge. Interestingly a nationally-known couples therapist once told me most men and women she sees are in trouble because of imbalances in how they manage their masculine/feminine energy.

Do you ever feel more like a drill sergeant than a goddess?

This concept–how to balance both our masculine and feminine energies–always strikes a strong chord with the women who attend my self-renewal retreats.

As women, we can be imbalanced in all sorts of ways, but for many of us, learning to embrace our feminine essence can feel particularly challenging if we’re used to carrying a heavy load and are overburdened with caregiver responsibilities.

For some women, learning to embrace their feminine energy can be critical to their feeling whole and alive; it certainly has been for me. For years I was solely career-focused (more of a “human doing” than a “human being”). Throughout my twenties and early thirties I was more interested in building my career than nurturing my femininity (I never realized I could do both).

After I had my son and launched my first business, I tapped my deep well of creativity and began to actively celebrate and embrace my feminine essence and its many gifts. This awakening — that I could be both strong and soft— became pivotal to my healing and the reclaiming of my true power. Here are some ways I have learned to connect to my feminine essence and bring more balance and joy into family life (and as a result, am a heck of a lot more fun to be around):

  • by reclaiming dance and encouraging my family to dance and move for the pure fun of it
  • by creating a pleasure-infused life at home and at work (whether that’s enjoying a foot massage, a lavender-infused bubble bath, fresh flowers on my desk or taking time to savor a simple but lovingly prepared lunch in the middle of the workday);
  • by appreciating my body and taking time to enjoy and celebrate my inner and outer beauty;
  • by creating a home sanctuary, using candles, aromatherapy, family pictures, color, relaxing music, and more;
  • by encouraging creative expression — whether through cooking, gardening, or spontaneous creative play both for my family and myself;
  • by embracing the natural world, both by getting out into nature as a family and bringing nature into our home, such as by putting a small vase filled with rosemary from our yard on the dinner table or displaying fall leaves I found on a stroll;
  • by practicing receptivity and allowing others to help me, so that I receive as much as I give; and
  • by learning when to initiate and when to allow, rather than habitually launching into action or “fix-it” mode—this applies to my personal and professional life.
  • I find when I celebrate and embrace my feminine essence, things tend to flow more easily. My husband and son appreciate me more. I have more fun and life feels more juicy. And when the pull to move into army sergeant mode rears its head, I call forth Joan Borysenko’s quote, “Remember—your to-do list is immortal. It will live on long after you’re dead.” Amen sister!

    Written by Renee Peterson Trudeau for Working Mother and legally licensed through the Matcha publisher network. Please direct all licensing questions to legal@getmatcha.com.