Cacao brings us together, and we are excited to share in-person & virtual ceremony experiences to deepen your connection with ceremonial cacao.

Free Virtual Cacao Ceremonies Weekly on Tuesday at 1pm PT 

We will guide you through a 1-hour experience that includes a mix of the following elements. You will prepare your own ceremonial space and your own cacao before the ceremony starts. 

  • Opening cacao blessing
  • Intention setting & sharing
  • Moon and astrological themes
  • Cacao education & related topics
  • Meditation and guided inquiry prompts
  • Live music
  • Closing

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Gather @ The Source | Cacao Farm & Ceremony Immersion in Belize

Like a retreat but more hands-on, we will immerse ourselves in cacao culture and ceremony for 6 nights in the abundant Belizean jungle where we source our best selling Boundless Belize cacao from. Learn more ...



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