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Online Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training Course


Since Firefly started in 2014 we've helped thousands of people build a relationship with chocolate. Through these courses, we are honored and excited to share all of our 11+ years of cacao knowledge with you and support you in deepening your connection with ceremonial cacao.

Our Vision

Our goal with these courses is to empower you with grounded and nuanced knowledge about ceremonial cacao, and the many ways to create ceremony in your daily life. We're looking forward to sharing the stories and inspiration that motivate us, from our experiences working with cacao communities, and from crafting ceremonial cacao for all of you. We envision a community of cacao stewards that together works in solidarity with the many other movements that are also restoring sacred relationship with the earth as a living being. Together we will be stepping into the regeneration and thriving of all life on Planet Earth, through the healing and celebratory lens of ceremonial cacao.

Our Online Courses

Meet Cacao Develop Your Personal Relationship

Meet Cacao is a three-week foundational course with 9+ hours of live video calls in which you will learn how to connect with cacao as a plant spirit and create your own cacao rituals. You will learn what sets ceremonial cacao apart, the complex history behind it and how your cup of cacao directly supports thriving farming communities and ecosystems. In this course you will get rare insider access to video from our farm visits in Belize, Guatemala and Tanzania, as well as video from the chocolate studio where we make all the cacao magic happen.

Steward The Medicine Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training

Steward the Medicine is a four-week cacao ceremony facilitator training with over 12+ hours of live video calls. This offering is for advanced students that have a thorough understanding of what ceremonial cacao is, how it is grown and made. You will deepen your personal relationship with cacao and experience multiple cacao ceremonies, learn group facilitation practices, and understand how to embody cacao stewardship by exploring topics of decolonization, cultural appropriation, social impact and more.

Which Course Is Right For Me?

Steward The Medicine Live

Meet Cacao

An online community to connect with fellow course participants?



Ability to ask Jonas, Sena & fellow participants questions?



Foundational Information about cacao such as footage from farm visits, farmer interviews, learning how ceremonial cacao is made from the seed to your cup?



Detailed guidance on group ceremony facilitation?



Are cacao ceremonies included?

Multiple live ceremonies

One live ceremony

Does it come with a 3-month discount on cacao purchases?

Yes 15%

Yes 10%

Can I re-watch the recordings if I want to re-visit the content or I miss the class live?



What is the price of the course?



Are accessible payment plans available?**

Yes $71/mo for 12 months at 0% interest

Yes $50/mo for 6 months at 0% interest

When does the next course begin? 7/23/2019 6/25/2019
How do I sign up? Register here. Register here.


*For the level two course we highly recommend joining the classes live.

**Please see our FAQ page for the detailed breakdown of payment plan options for each course.


Your Guides

Jonas Ketterle

Jonas crafts unsweetened ceremonial grade cacao that is used in cacao ceremonies globally. After first encountering sipping chocolate in Oaxaca Mexico in 2012, Jonas founded Firefly Chocolate in 2014, with the mission of inspiring awe and wonder through cacao. He initially launched 85 percent dark chocolate in a variety of flavors, sweetened with low glycemic coconut sugar. He also pioneered a bio-regional wild harvested chocolate bar, celebrating bay nuts, a food used by the native peoples of the SF Bay Area. By 2018 he began shifting his focus entirely to ceremonial cacao and has shared his cacao in ceremony with many.

Jonas goes by he/his, and he identifies as a first generation American, having immigrated from Germany at 4 years old,  He grew up in Boston, land of the Massachusetts people, and lives in Northern California, occupied land of the Nisenan people. 

Sena Shellenberger 

Sena worked at Google pioneering their hardware projects for 5 years before discovering cacao in a ceremony in Mexico in 2015. She eventually left her corporate job which led to travels in Peru, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Belize to deepen her connection with cacao. She joined the Firefly team in 2018 after teaching many about ceremonial cacao through her online courses and in addition to her marketing support for Firefly, continues to lead ceremonies, retreats, and workshops on cacao stewardship.

Sena goes by she/hers, and identifies as half-Mexican and half-European. She grew up in the land of the Dakota Sioux, now called Minnesota, and lives in Northern California, occupied land of the Nisenan people. 



We are looking forward to sharing the cacao magic with you!

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