Domestic Orders

We'll get you the cacao that you need as fast as possible. We ship daily on weekdays: the shipping cutoff time is 12PM EST for eastern US orders and 12PM PST for western US orders. As soon as your package goes out, you will receive your package tracking number via email. After placing your order, please keep an eye out for your package delivery – despite our best efforts, cacao left in a hot mailbox will melt! 

While rare, sometimes delivery mistakes happen. This is why we've added an affordable shipping insurance option to protect your orders from unforeseen circumstances like theft, damage in transit or loss. We highly recommend adding it at checkout - it will entitle you to a refund if your package does not get to you. Otherwise Firefly Chocolate is not liable for lost or stolen packages. You can learn more about how to opt in to low-cost shipping insurance and protect your orders here. Please contact us if your shipment does not get to you with your order number, we will file an insurance claim on your behalf.

I received the wrong product, or something is missing from my order.

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International Orders

We partner with DHL and UPS to offer the fastest and most cost-effective international shipping rates available. We ship daily on weekdays. As soon as your package goes out, you will receive your package tracking number via email. 

Estimated international shipping time is as follows:

Standard: 7-14 days

Expedited: 3-7 days

For international orders we HIGHLY recommend selecting our third party shipping insurance at checkout for an expedited claims process. If you do not, and a package is lost in transit, we need to wait for 30 consecutive days from the date of last tracking update before we can file the lost in transit claim for that order. The third party shipping insurance allows us to process reimbursement and ship a replacement order much faster.

Pro tip: International shipping is far more economical with larger orders. Get a few friends together to share an order and receive our bulk discounts to help offset shipping cost!


What if my cacao arrived melted?

While we do our best to get your cacao discs to your intact, they can melt if they are in direct sunlight or temperatures over 80F for too long, like in a hot mailbox or during a hot day. While we do know this can be disappointing when you've been waiting for your lovely cacao discs, the good news is that your cacao is still good to use!

Until Firefly began offering discs, all ceremonial cacao was actually sold in big blocks, so you are just experiencing how most people made ceremonial cacao a few years ago. As a block or a disc, the cacao retains all of its medicinal properties (this is why it works well in a hot cacao beverage :)) So, how do you make it?

First, put the cacao in a cool spot so it can reharden. Check the size of your bag to help you measure your cacao dose. If you purchased a cacao ceremony sampler kit, each bag of cacao is 2oz, so you can split the melted cacao in half, to have 1 serving each (these are stronger servings, so you could also split it into 3 equal sized pieces). Similarly, if you have an 8oz or 16oz bag, you'll have 8 or 16 servings inside. A scale can also be helpful here.

Use a knife to chop up the block of cacao. Once you have a serving size, you can use a sharp knife to chop the cacao up into small pieces. This will help it melt smoothly into your heated liquid. Make your cacao! Enjoy! While it's a little more effort up front, you're still enjoying a high quality beverage of ceremonial cacao that tastes delicious. 



If you have other shipping questions not covered here, please reach out to us at the blue chat box in the bottom right corner of your screen or email us at and we will be in touch soon!