Free Virtual Cacao Ceremonies

Join us on Zoom weekly on TUESDAY AT 1PM PT 
to connect with cacao and each other in beautiful 
75-minute virtual cacao ceremonies.

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Inspired by our medicine path elder George Bertelstein, who held by donation weekly pipe ceremony at his home for over twenty years without missing a week. We began these ceremonies in 2020 during the pandemic to offer a free place for community, medicine, and connection during a time of fear and isolation.

Some wisdom from George: "Medicine is not a drug. A drug takes you someplace and leaves you right back where it found you. Medicine takes you someplace and leaves you with a new life. Every single time. Medicine teaches us that prayer, rather than being a form of begging or an empty ritual is the recognition of our personal relationship with Creator, and that every human being has the power to invoke that relationship in any moment by asking for help from a Power Greater than ourselves."

Preparing for Ceremony

PLEASE join us on time. If you will be more than 5 minutes late, we ask that you respect the ceremonial container and join the next ceremony.

We recommend avoiding or reducing your caffeine intake on ceremony day, and timing meals so you are not too full. This will help your system assimilate the cacao, and prepare your body to receive more subtle energy cues from the cacao.

Ideally, you can be in a quiet space that feels comfortable and nourishing to you. Option to create a small altar with a candle & lighter. Pillows to sit on, meaningful objects, a journal and a pen, headphones, and water are also nice things to have nearby.

Please prepare your cacao ~10 minutes before ceremony, it can be nice to put it in a thermos to keep it warm. If this is your first time making cacao I would give yourself 25 minutes to prepare your space, your laptop & the cacao and not feel rushed. A ceremonial dose is about 25 discs. Please use your intuition as to how many discs your being is inviting in. You can also start to put your intention into your cacao when you make it, too. We’ll open the space together and take our first sip together, so please wait to drink it.

  • Cynthia Codoner

    Cynthia Codoner

    Cynthia’s passion and work lies between the realms of Shamanic traditions and the power of sound. Connecting to her ancestral Guatemalan roots, she has built a profound relationship with cacao and other plant medicines during her training with South American traditions and her continued study of Mesoamerican traditions. Cynthia’s voice and channeled melodies, in their force, wholeness, and depth, create a deeply safe container to begin unraveling the blocks in our hearts in order to facilitate the disentanglement of beliefs that keep us small. This sound and vibration, accompanied by heart-opening cacao shines a guiding light on the dark places within we are often afraid to face. This is Cynthia’s mission: to allow us to embrace all of ourselves so we may truly begin the journey to loving ourselves unconditionally; allowing space for the dark and the light in order to bring about transformative and lasting change. You can connect with Cynthia on Instagram @serpentcyn

  • Aychele Hill

    Aychele Hill

    Aychele Hill is an inner medicine woman, holistic healer, mother and feminine empowerment leader.

    Born and raised in Brazil, she carries deep wisdom from her indigenous roots as well as a comprehensive array of healing modalities she learned from mentors in her home land, in Canada, France, Belgium and the US, including meditation, dance, herbalism, ancestral & shamanic healing, osteopathy and therapeutic massages.

    She has been bridging ancient wisdom with science and arts for over 20 years, striving to serve as a catalyst for empowering narratives that promote the healing of our relationship with self, others and nature.

    Her personal journey into motherhood led her into the studies and practice of ancestral and womb healing, which she passionately shares in classes, private sessions and group ceremonies. You can connect with Aychele on IG: @aychelehill

  • Alexa Iya Soro

    Alexa Iya Soro

    Alexa Iya Soro serves the community under the name Sacred Counsel: Expressive & Ritual Arts & Therapy. Alexa integrates art, ritual, animism & neuroscience based trauma-informed somatic therapies in her counseling practice to honor the natural rhythm of human healing. Her passion is normalizing the human experience through psychoeducation, plant allyship, metaphor and mythology. Alexa honors her teachers, the guides of the Mayan Tzʼutujil Tradition, Daniel Foor, Cross-cultural ancestral reverence teacher and student of the Yorùbá Culture, the lineage of Depth Jungian Psychology, along with the ancient forces of the sacred fire, holy waters, and her own Ancestral Allies. You can connect with Alexa and learn more on IG: @iya_soro

  • Bre Kali

    Bre Kali

    Bre Kali is a New York based certified meditation teacher, crystal healer, reiki practitioner, entheogenic medicine guide/ integration guide and multimodality chakra therapist who is currently studying herbalism. With an extensive background in psychology and self healing, she believes deeply in cultivating the connections between mind, body and spirit with the use of Mother Earth’s resources. Bre uses earth medicines to help others access the roots of their subconscious programs, limitations and traumas, and aids in their healing by guiding them with chakra therapy, inner child work, shadow work and visualization exercises to shift their baseline vibration.

    Bre Kali considers Cacao one of her main plant allies in opening the heart chakra to heal what no longer serves our greatest good with love, forgiveness and compassion. She honors the Mayan cosmovision and recites the Trecena in Kiche, the ancient language of the Mayans.

    She learned early that to manifest what one seeks, one must become the very source of that for others, and thus is known for creating a container of love, support and safety, in which others can unfold, and therein lies her purpose.

  • Angelika Shelley

    Angelika Shelley

    Angelika is a lifelong learner, light expander, creatrix and cacao ally. Deeply fascinated by the world, both seen and unseen, she embraces the fullness of the human experience with much gratitude. Her unique and varied life experiences have left Angelika with a profound sense of compassion for others. Always drawn to a guiding role, she was a schoolteacher for 16 years. Toward the latter end of that time, she began her healing journey, and everything started to shift. In awe of the power and transformation available through mantras, exercise, movement, meditation, ceremony, and more, Angelika’s soul purpose became clear – to help others find harmony within. So she walked away from the classroom and into the unexpected shoes of an entrepreneur, bringing “Spiralign” to life. She hopes to provide explorative, healing opportunities for others both in-person and virtually through Chakradance, Inamojo (wellbeing for children), cacao ceremony and more. You can connect with Angelika on Instagram

  • Concetta Codding

    Concetta Codding

    All her life, Concetta Codding has been drawn towards something greater than herself. Searching for a greater purpose in the Universe and drawing upon its energy, Concetta studied in Connecticut and received her 200-Hour Yoga Alliance certification in 2017. She traveled to Peru in July 2018 for her 300 hour Shamanic Yoga Teacher training. She is currently a certified 500 hour Yoga Teacher. She has also studied in India, following the footsteps of her teacher, Ram Dass. Since her first training, she has been locally leading classes in the hope of teaching how to breathe, meditate, flow and ultimately heal.

    After participating in Cacao ceremony in Peru and building a relationship with this transformative plant medicine, Concetta facilitates Cacao ceremonies and shares this ancient wisdom. She offers a space to connect to one’s inner world, and make deeper connections with like-hearted people. She loves to come together with the sacred heart medicine, Cacao.

    Concetta infuses her classes with a tranquil energy upholding tradition through breathwork, mantra and philosophy. Music is an essential part of class, specifically inspirational, devotional and healing music. Come join us for a journey into the power within that is for everyone who wants to acquire the power to understand, learn and heal.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?

We will guide you through a 1-hour & 15 minute experience that includes a mix of the following elements. You will prepare your own ceremonial space and your own cacao before the ceremony starts. 

- Opening cacao blessing

- Intention setting & sharing

- Moon and astrological themes

- Cacao education & related topics

- Meditation and guided inquiry prompts

- Live music

- Closing

Will these be recorded so I can watch after?

Yes - the ceremonies will be recorded & e-mailed out to the list of people who participate in our ceremonies so that you can sign up and then watch them at a time that works for you.

I've never done cacao ceremony before, how should I prepare?

Set the space!

Ideally, you can be in a private space and dedicate this time to self-care. You can create a nourishing space with pillows, candles, and any special items, such as a notebook & pen, animal totems, oracle cards, incense, crystals, essential oils, herbal medicines, etc. Know that the most important part of your ceremony is your presence. You don’t need any specific items or ritual prep, you simply need to follow your heart’s desires for the space that you want to create! Perhaps a simple sitting pillow and candle is all you want. Let it be you.

Since this will be via your laptop or phone, you will want to make sure your devices are charged or that you have a charging cord and outlet nearby. You can prop your computer or phone up in a chair or with books to allow for easeful watching and typing without hurting your neck or back. You may also want headphones!

Make your cacao

Select your favorite mug, cacao and follow our foundational recipe here.Since you’ll want to make your cacao before our ceremony starts, it can be helpful to keep it in a thermos so it stays warm. You can then pour it into your special mug once we are ready to start the ceremony.

Keep an open mind & heart

We know new things can be a little intimidating, which is why we wanted to offer these ceremonies in a way that is approachable. Let go of expectations :) If nothing else, think of this as a special time you can set aside for your self-care a couple of times a month.

I want to join but this time doesn't work for me.

We hear you - the ceremonies will be recorded & e-mailed out so you can sign up and then watch them at a time that works for you.

I don't have cacao right now, can I still join?

Yes! While cacao will support your ceremony experience, gathering in ceremony is beautiful and effective with or without cacao. We do recommend stocking up before our next ceremony, though!

We will see you Tuesday at 1pm

*Note when you sign up you need to confirm your email address before you will receive the Zoom meeting LINK and PASSWORD in a separate email.