Whole Organic Cacao Beans
Sorting Raw Cacao Beans

Organic Whole Cacao Beans


These organic whole unpeeled cacao beans are an heirloom designated Belizean variety. Hand peeling the cacao beans is a magical ancestral experience, and a great way to connect to the plant spirit of cacao!

If you are looking for peeled cacao beans, check out our cacao nibs.

You can choose below if you would like them roasted or raw – but we recommend them roasted, as this makes the cacao beans easier to peel and give them their freshest aroma and flavor. Of course – all of our roasting is done in micro-batches and low temperatures.




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Shelf Life and Storage

Best within 18 months. Store at room temperature (70F). The packaging is BPA free #4 plastic (recyclability depends on municipality).