Pure Ceremonial Cacao Paste – Ecstatic Ecuador


Ecstatic late night singing and dancing may leave you wondering what happened after drinking this potent cacao coming from regenerative farms on the Northwest coast of Ecuador. Highly versatile, this cacao has the taste of baking chocolate, also making it an excellent base for your own creative cacao recipes.

Our cacao is freshly made in micro batches from whole raw cacao beans and nothing else – no sugar, no dairy, no soy. It is the best natural source of magnesium. Unlike cacao powder, our cacao discs include cacao butter, a high-grade natural fat is the most effective carrier of cacao’s medicinal benefits.

Includes a free 10 minute call to get you started making cacao recipes or prepared for your next cacao ceremony.

10% off for 4 pounds or more. Wholesale pricing begins at 20 pounds.



  1. (verified owner)

    This is by far the best cacao I’ve encountered. The buttons make it super easy to concoct a delicious cacao drink, it tastes extremely yummy, and just 1oz Has taken me on me on powerful and expansive journies! Importantly, I love that all of the cacao on this site is ethically and sustainably sourced…what more could you ask for.

  2. Ecuadorian cacao has been great as a daily uplifting addition to tea, as well as a special concentrated treat with which to pray! With the Ecuadorian cacao as a base, I’ve made recipes ranging from hazelnut rose to spicy cayenne which are easy to make and have greatly different personalities to balance my mood. The naturally occuring magnesium and minerals feel deeply nourishing to my body, while the essence of the cacao opens my heart to life’s simple pleasures and connection. Knowing it is organic and sustainably sourced makes it all the better.

  3. This Ecuadorian cacao has such an ‘easy’ mouth feel. Smooth and simple, warming and soft, it meets the tongue gently. I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting with this cacao both in ceremonial settings and simply for the joy of it.
    The small wafers melt easily and at a relatively low temperature preserving the medicinal benefits of the cacao. Chokola’j brings us a cacao which stands high above the rest in quality, taste and experience.
    Having shared this with my community in a few group settings I can attest to the natural beauty which comes through. Tears of release, joy and amazement have met laughter and a sense of complete awe while going on the journey. My thanks is infinite and my heart the better because of this cacao.

  4. Fantastic, only for the willing to taste the best, not sugared to death, it is TRU Chocolate!
    Thank YOU Jonas (and Staff Helpers) Le Chocolatier

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Organic. Fair Trade.

Serving Size

For an individual serving, use 1oz of cacao (about 20 discs, or 1/4 cup), with 1/2 cup of liquid.
For a group ceremony, use 1lb of cacao with 8 cups of liquid, for every 16-20 people.

Shelf Life and Storage

Best within 12 months. Store at room temperature (70F) away from sunlight. The packaging is BPA free #4 plastic (recyclability depends on municipality).