Each month carries its own energy, themes, and teachings. The medicine of cacao teaches us to tune into these energies, these rhythms of nature, so we can live more harmoniously. . This is why we share a monthly cacao invocation each month to help us align with the energies presently embracing us.

February marks a time of emergence. Over the winter months, the seed spends time burrowed underground in the darkness of the Earth, and we too were in a similar process, reflecting, resting, and reviewing. With the coming of February, the Earth slowly begins to awaken and so do we. We are going from seed to sprout.

  • What is awakening?

  • What has been stirring with you, ready to make its way to the light?

  • What fresh energy can you intuit is afoot?

To support you in exploring and making the most of February’s energy, we recommend Tantric Rose Blossom! By working with this aromatic and delectable ceremonial cacao, you can begin to awaken the sensual and fertile aspects of yourself that Mother Earth will be reflecting back to you. This month can be ripe with creativity, hope, and the opportunity to embody reverence for life and honor the shift from slumber to wakefulness.

February's Cacao Invocation

Tuning into the depth of my heart, I give thanks to all that has been, all that is, and all that will be.

Thank you to this medicine of cacao, that awakens, sustains, and inspires. In these times, may your cacao spirit help me remember that which brings pleasure to my soul.

To the spirit of the awakening Earth, I humbly and lovingly bow, knowing that your stirrings are a reflection of my own.

Today I choose to honor that which seeks to emerge from the center of my being

And from this place of love, may my roots grow deeper and deeper, giving strength to my sprouting self so I may reach as far as my spirit seeks to go.

Devotion, love, and joy are my mantra.

May these be the foods for my soul to bring to life that which is ready to bloom.

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