Refund & Shipping Policies

By placing an order on the Ora Cacao webpage (, you agree that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of our returns, cancellations, and shipping policies, detailed on this page below.

Refund Policy

1) Ora Cacao does not offer returns or refunds of opened product as this is a food product. 
2) Ora Cacao does not offer refunds for melted product, as it is still very much usable and its health + energetic properties have not been impacted. Please see below on what to do if your cacao arrives melted.
3) Ora Cacao does not offer returns or refunds for cacao that did not deliver on time: see the details of our shipping policy below.
4) In cases excluding situations described in 1) and 2) and 3), Ora Cacao will offer a refund less 25% restocking fee for unopened product returned to us within 21 days. Send an email to letting us know with your order number in the subject line, and send the product back to: Ora Cacao, 9101 Graton Rd, Suite 102, Graton, CA 9544

We are not able to refund shipping charges. If the product arrives back at Ora Cacao melted, we won't refund the cost. To avoid this, please ship in original packaging with a cold ice pack. If you received your cacao with an ice pack, it can be re-used by placing it in the freezer before shipping.


If you submit an order cancellation request, we may or may not be able to stop the order before it is sent by our fulfillment center. We will do our best but if we are unable to stop the order before it goes out, you may return it as detailed in our policy above. As orders are processed very quickly, please be sure to place an order only for what you would like us to actually ship!

If you need to update the shipping address on your address, please contact us immediately with the correct address at and we will do our best to update it before the order goes out, yet we can’t guarantee we will catch it before it gets shipped.

Deposits on retreats and travel with Ora Cacao are non-refundable.

Shipping Policy

All items purchased from Ora Cacao are made in conformance to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and ownership for such items pass to you upon our delivery to the carrier. We highly, highly recommend using the third party shipping insurance offered on our website at checkout (available for about 1% of the order cost). This will protect your package in case of theft, damage in transit, or loss, and entitle you to either a refund or re-order. It's super easy.

It is your responsibility as a customer to provide the correct, deliverable, physical address for delivery. For undeliverable shipments returned to us, please send an updated delivery address to with your order number in the subject line. We will send you an invoice for postage to send to the new or corrected address. Once the original shipment returns to us, we can send it out again and hopefully it will make it the second time!

Shipping Domestic Orders

We'll get you the cacao that you need as fast as possible.

We ship all orders Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. On Thursdays, we ship packages that will safely arrive by Saturday. Orders weighing more than 2LBs and shipping to the following states will not go out on Thursday as their transit time is 3 days meaning they will sit in the post office over the weekend... if you submit your order on Thursday and are shipping to one of the following states we will ship your order on Monday.

CA / NV / OR / WA / ID / MT / AZ / UT / FL / NY / CT / RI / MA / VT / NH / ME

To give our team enough time to prepare orders, the shipping cutoff time is 1PM EST / 10AM PST for US orders. 

As soon as your package goes out, you will receive your package tracking number via email. We ship most domestic orders via USPS and UPS. Ora Cacao reserves the right to modify the shipping method and carrier used to deliver packages, as changes are sometimes necessary due to weather conditions, holiday carrier volumes, and fulfillment center inventory levels.

Our checkout offers estimated shipping time. We ship USPS and UPS from Graton California: in most cases, this is 2 days or 3 days. These delivery times are not guaranteed ... they are subject to the performance of the delivery service and these are average times only. Please note, that if you order after the cutoff time, the order will not go out until the following day, so you'll need to add an additional day to the delivery time.

After placing your order, please keep an eye out for your package delivery – despite our best efforts, cacao left in a hot location will melt.

While rare, sometimes delivery mistakes happen. This is why we've added an affordable shipping insurance option to protect your orders from unforeseen circumstances like theft, damage in transit or loss. We highly recommend adding it at checkout - it will entitle you to a refund if your package does not get to you. Otherwise Ora Cacao is not liable for lost or stolen packages. You can learn more about how to opt in to low-cost shipping insurance and protect your orders here. Please contact us if your shipment does not get to you with your order number, we will file an insurance claim on your behalf.

If you've received the wrong product or something was missing from your order, email us at with your order #, and what the error was. Photos often help too!

If you need to file a shipping insurance claim, e-mail us at with your order # and explaining your situation, and we can process it for you.

Shipping International Orders

We ship with various express providers for international orders to ensure you get the best rate. We ship all orders DDP, which means that "delivery / duty / brokerage" are all paid for when you place an order on our website. You can rest assured that there will be no additional charges to get your packages through customs and to release your package. We also have a standard delivery option available which you may select, but usually FedEx Express is just marginally more expensive and offers much faster service.

All international orders will ship within 3 business days.

For international orders we HIGHLY recommend selecting our third party shipping insurance at checkout for an expedited claims process. If you do not, and a package is lost in transit, we need to wait for 30 consecutive days from the date of last tracking update before we can file the lost in transit claim for that order. The third party shipping insurance allows us to process reimbursement and ship a replacement order much faster.

Pro tip: International shipping is far more economical with larger orders. Get a few friends together to share an order and receive our bulk discounts to help offset shipping cost!

We are unable to ship Mystic Mushrooms outside of the US and Canada. We've attempted to do so but ran into various issues with customs holding packages because certain mushrooms in our blends are restricted by certain countries.

What if my cacao arrived melted?

While we do our best to get your cacao discs to your intact, they can melt if they are in direct sunlight or temperatures over 80F for too long, like in a hot mailbox or during a hot day. While we do know this can be disappointing when you've been waiting for your cacao discs, the good news is that your cacao is still good to use!

Until Ora Cacao began offering discs, all ceremonial cacao was actually sold in big blocks, so you are just experiencing how most people made ceremonial cacao a few years ago. As a block or a disc, the cacao retains all of its medicinal properties (this is why it works well in a hot cacao beverage :)) So, how do you make it?

First, put the cacao in a cool spot so it can resolidify. Check the size of your bag to help you measure your cacao dose. If you purchased a cacao ceremony sampler kit, each bag of cacao is 2oz, so you can split the melted cacao in half, to have 1 serving each (these are stronger servings, so you could also split it into 3 equal sized pieces). Similarly, if you have an 8oz or 16oz bag, you'll have 8 or 16 servings inside. A scale can also be helpful here.

Use a knife to chop up the block of cacao. Once you have a serving size, you can use a sharp knife to chop the cacao up into small pieces. This will help it melt smoothly into your heated liquid. Make your cacao! Enjoy! While it's a little more effort up front, you're still enjoying a high quality beverage of ceremonial cacao that tastes delicious. 

We'd love to help!

If you have other shipping questions not covered here, please reach out to us at the blue chat box in the bottom right corner of your screen or email us at and we will be in touch soon!

We very much believe in the quality of our product - please contact us if you are unsatisfied in any way and we will do our best to help.