How you and I relate to cacao is a microcosm of how we relate to issues spanning from the personal to the global. Ceremonial cacao is our sacred activism in response to the backwards ways of the chocolate industry.

By choosing ceremonial cacao, we create a social and economic signal that we value:

  • Ecological preservation, by supporting only small family farms using organic and permaculture practices to create thriving habitat for plants, animals, insects and human communities.
  • Respectful relationships with indigenous farmers, shifting the paradigm of unfair labor practices and exploitative commodity prices paid to the majority of cacao farmers around the world.
  • Earth connection, by reconnecting people to their innate capacity to create ritual and ceremony for themselves, and their capacity to connect with cacao as a plant ally and teacher

Stewarding cacao is a tangible way to be a good steward of the earth. I am immensely grateful for all of you that are supporting our mission and sharing our cacao with your friends and communities.

Cacao Stewardship = Earth Stewardship 🌎


Being a cacao steward includes understanding & being able to speak to:

  • How working with ceremonial cacao has a positive impact on our global communities and natural ecosystems
  • The difference between ceremonial cacao and industrially produced chocolate, and how to easefully navigate the world of chocolate marketing claims
  • How ceremonial cacao is helping to decolonize the chocolate industry, and how all of us will benefit


I hope you resonate with these values as much as I do!

Love, Jonas

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