What if cacao can teach you how to be happier, healthier, & more joyful?

We believe that cacao is a “wise plant spirit” that guides us on how to experience elevated states of being.

This can result in long-term beneficial changes in brain function, primarily through the reinforcement of neural pathways that include more joy, love, presence, and connection.

As a resilient plant whose genus has been dated to over 12 million years old, cacao carries tremendous wisdom of the ages.

For example, Jonas, our founder, relates to the cacao spirit as a “guide”, which is showing our brains how to produce states of elevated consciousness and functioning, even without the ingestion of cacao.

Jonas has logged dozens of occurrences of elevated consciousness not induced by cacao or any other input, but extraordinarily similar in nature to his experiences with cacao. 

Let’s explore the possibility that cacao is here to help us improve our experience of life.

And let’s see how we can carry that with us outside of our cacao rituals.

Cacao Elevates Moods

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Why do we experience elevated states of being after enjoying a hot cup of ceremonial cacao?

One reason is the high-quality ceremonial cacao contains beneficial neurotransmitters and neuro-modulators already present in our brain.

With each sip of your hot cup of ceremonial cacao, your mind and heart are receiving a neurochemical boost, which you might experience as happiness, joy, or gratitude. Most notably, the beneficial compounds in cacao include: 

  • Serotonin - Helps with wellbeing, and creates resistance to stress. Cacao also has MOA inhibitors, that inhibit re-uptake of serotonin.
  • Dopamine - Gives feelings of motivation and pleasure. Cacao also has MOA inhibitors, that inhibit re-uptake of dopamine.
  • Anandamine - The bliss molecule, it moderates pain, and is associated with the "runners high" effect. Cacao also has N-linoleoylethanolamine, the re-uptake inhibitor for anandamine.
  • Phenylethylamine (PEA) - Helps with excitementalertnessattention. Gives the perception of time slowing down. 

Many cacao lovers report feeling expansive, blissful, connected, and inspired! So, what do we do after these elevated experiences?

Remember Your Cacao Ritual

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Once cacao has shown us that elevated states of being are possible, we can carry this wisdom with us.

But first, this is why it’s important to truly take the time to pause, set intentions, and immerse yourself in the experience of your cacao ritual. 

During your ritual, be fully present and offer your attention to what you are creating—a relationship between you and cacao.

As you sip your cacao, be curious and stay aware. Take note of changes in your thoughts, feelings, mood, and energy. How does that feel in your body? Your heart? Your brain? Your mind? Your spirit?

With neuroplasticity—simply, the brain's ability to grow and change itself through experience—you are truly working with cacao to build yourself a new brain, heart, mind, body—a new human being.

Thus, regularly ingesting cacao with all of its beneficial neuromodulators and correlated re-uptake inhibitors could have a long-term impact on dominant neural pathways, which means you might find that you are feeling happier, joyful, and more often.

Remember how that special experience feels. And when you get up from your cacao ritual and journey back into your daily life, practice recalling these feelings and let them guide you into living the life of your dreams. 

Experience Elevated States With These Cacaos

When it comes to experiencing heightened states, try working with these cacaos to boost your heart, brain, body, and spirit!

Image of Tantric Rose Blossom 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

Tantric Rose Blossom 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

This heart-opening Enhanced Cacao contains high-frequency pink rose petals to boost your loving awareness.

Image of Boundless Belize 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

Boundless Belize 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

This Pure 100% cacao is expansive, magical, and expressive, guiding you into new states of being.

Image of Glowing Guatemala 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

Glowing Guatemala 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

This Pure 100% cacao radiates a loving, wise, and warm energy, which guides us into higher states.

Image of Connected Colombia 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

Connected Colombia 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

Connect with the frequency of the planet with this Pure 100% Cacao.


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With Love, Gratitude, & Cacao,

Jonas & The Firefly Family

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