Doing ritual and ceremonial work within your own private space and time is a beautiful and enriching practice, and one we strongly advocate for, especially when it comes to drinking cacao.

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and starting your day with a warm cup of cacao while you center into your heart. In the quiet of your own space, you develop and deepen a regular and consistent practice with cacao and intimacy builds.

So have you ever wondered why cacao ceremonies are so often cowmmunity events?

As a saying goes, “if you want to get to know yourself, surround yourself with others.” When we share cacao in community, unexpected magic occurs, if as a group we allow it. Very often, the challenges and struggles any individual faces are mirrors of similar themes that others in the community are working through as well. Stories may be shared where we realize we aren’t alone, new insights may come through by way of a reflection from another, and we can feel powerfully held in times of need.

The ancient cacao traditions have always known that some of the greatest healing happens in community.

While it’s actually quite difficult to find information as to how they truly were because that information was lost due to colonization, what modern cacao ceremonies or circles and ancient times do have in common though is that they are done in community.

We can see this even from where the word ‘chocolate’ originated. The word cacao came from the Mayan word, Ka’kau and the word chocolate came from the word chocol’ha. As a verb, chokola'j, it means ‘to drink chocolate together.’

Ceremony is a space for community healing. For a wise part of us knows, when we heal together, the world has a deeper change.

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