Welcome to your February Ritual Report.

We’re excited to share cacao rituals for important astrological dates this month and for February’s most well-known celebration, Valentine’s Day. These rituals help us align with the overarching collective energies present and the rhythm of the Earth.

So, let’s dive right in!

This month, we recommend saving these three special dates for a longer and deeper cacao ritual. You may even wish to increase your cacao dose or plan ahead to share your ritual with friends.

February Ritual Report

Friday, February 9th | New Moon In Aquarius

Not only is this a new moon, but it also marks the Lunar New Year, which is the start of a new cycle for us! Aquarius is considered a rebellious sign that seeks to innovate and break past limitations.This is an opportune time to develop new perspectives and ways of approaching life and any challenging situations you are currently facing.

 Because there can be a lot of energy and change gestating in each of our lives, this is an important time to practice staying grounded. For this new moon, we recommend drinking a cup of Mystical Mushroom Cacao. This cacao will tap you into the collective and unified energy of the earth (Aquarius loves community) while reminding you to stay steady in your center.

Ritual Recommendations:

On this day and even a few days after the effects of moons last 2-3 days after they turn either full or new), we recommend opening your ritual with a grounding breathwork practice such as box breathing. From there, tune into this month’s cacao invocation and sip your cacao slowly, in silence, as you reflect on the following:

What are you ready to break free from?

Where in life are you being called to become innovative?

Are you willing to rebel from the norm to be true to your heart?

Wednesday, February 14th | Valentine’s Day

This is the perfect day to tune into love and the blessing of springtime! Cacao has been a longtime symbol of love, why not pay homage to this “gift from the gods” by sharing it with a loved one, be it a romantic partner or family and friends.

We recommend working with Tantric Rose Blossom Cacao for Valentine’s Day.  Not only does it have a wealth of health and spiritual benefits, it is also a potent heart-opener that can help expand intimacy with self and other.

Ritual Recommendations:

While we will be sharing both a solo and couples Valentine’s Day Ritual next week, here are some practices you can plan to do on this very special day along with your cup of cacao:

  • Write a love letter to yourself, expanding on all the things you love about you and how you will honor yourself moving forward.

  • Write a love letter to someone special in your life, and if you dare, send it to them or hand them the handwritten letter.

  • Tap into your sensuality by having your very own dance party with a playlist that helps you tune into that aspect of yourself.

Sunday, February 18th | Sun Enters Pisces

As we move from rebellious Aquarius, we will be invited into the dreamy waters of Pisces to nourish our imagination and inner world. Pisces will be calling us forth to become more attuned to our intuition, dreams, and emotional world. Because Pisces’ ruler is Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, you may also wish to contemplate what you wish to expand and grow in your life at this time. Allow your imagination and dreams to take you to where you need to go!

For Pisces season, we recommend our Connected Colombia cacao. This cacao will attune you to the rhythms of the Earth while bringing you into deeper connection with your inner voice.

Ritual Recommendation:

Work with the element of water. This element rules emotions, dreams, and intuition. A wonderful way to fortify that connection between your consciousness and the language of your inner world is to work with water. You can do this by taking time each week to drink your cup of cacao while taking a nice bath filled with herbs such as jasmine, basil, and lavender. If you don’t have a way to take a bath, try making a lavender infusion and using that infusion to prepare your cacao! Take the time and space you need to feel the effects of lavender and cacao working together. It will be nothing short of magic!


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