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In Ancient Chinese philosophy, there are two complementary forces called Yin and Yang that give rise to all of life.

What if you could tap into these energies and embody them in your cacao ritual? 

Today, we explore how the wise plant spirit of cacao can teach us how to wholly harmonize these two polarizing, yet interdependent forces, so that we can enrich our lives.

Cacao Ritual & The Two Forces

Everything in life is energized by Yin and Yang forces, consciously or not. 

Additionally, there is a realm of unconditional possibility before and beyond Yin and Yang; think of this realm as the whole Yin Yang circle and cycle itself, which is infinite.

We can infuse this infinite potential and its dynamic energy into our cacao rituals.

A healthy cacao ritual consciously oscillates between Yin/Feminine energy (i.e., listening, cooling, seeding, slowing down, receiving, nourishing, and setting intentions) and Yang/Masculine energy (i.e., warming, transforming, acting, speeding up, expressing, speaking/singing). And sometimes, we can dedicate an entire ritual to focusing on dancing with either of these energies.

As you might recall from last week’s newsletter, during the New Moon, the innate wisdom of the cacao tree taps into its Yin, or feminine energy.

With the lunar energy at a low point, the tree sends its energy to its roots, slows down, and nourishes itself. As it draws in, inhales, and receives nutrients for life, it sets its intention for sprouting new leaves. 

Like the cacao tree, the first step in ritual is to slow down, cool off, prepare your physical and energetic space, and set your intentions for nourishment. 

As you prepare your cacao, you might begin embodying Yang, or masculine energy. Many people sing, dance, speak, or express gratitude to the cacao as it is being transformed from cooler discs into a warmer liquid state. 

Then, you might oscillate back into Yin energy as you nourish yourself with each decadent sip of cacao. You draw into your body the neuromodulators and neurotransmitters for elevated moods, the vital nutrients for optimal heart and brain function, and you quite literally receive the energetic seeds of cacao, which later sprout into our lives.

Many of us continue to embody Yin energy for a significant portion of our cacao rituals. We might close our eyes, sit in silence, dream up new desires, and inhale life into our lungs. We might listen to the wisdom of the plant spirit, surrender to a greater force, and feel into the realm of unconditional possibility

Slowly, but surely, the vasodilating properties of cacao increase our blood flow and oxygenation. This can mark another oscillation toward Yang energy. We start warming up, the theobromine in cacao gently stimulates our hearts to beat faster and more fully, and energy is being sent out to the branches of our bodies.

This mirrors the cacao tree as lunar energy rises until the Full Moon, at which point the energy from the tree’s roots is finally sprouted as new leaves on the tree.

After we have finished drinking and drawing in our cup of healing cacao, quite often we begin to send out more gratitude, love, forgiveness, and prayers. And we often are filled with the will and discipline to make our dreams come true, which we clarified and nurtured earlier.

Although the cacao cup may now be empty, our “inner cup” is now full. Thus, we begin to give from what we’ve received, to transform what we’ve created, and to manifest what we’ve intended.

Cacao is an incredible plant elder that helps us grow our connection to the two forces that spin the entire universe. Sometimes cacao may call us into silence and stillness, at other times dance and song, and sometimes both! Every ritual is unique.

Cacao is also a unique healing plant in that it can take us into that unconditional realm, before and beyond all Yin and Yang. 

Our life is a constant dance with masculine and feminine energies. While cacao is commonly considered a feminine plant spirit, it certainly teaches us invaluable lessons about expressing both feminine and masculine energy.

The more fully and healthily we express these energies, the more healing benefits we reap and the better lives we experience.

The magical part is that we seldom realize how profoundly cacao is teaching us to do this, so our hope with this newsletter is that you now have a greater awareness of this gift coming into your ritual and into your life.

Cacao Recommendations

While cacao is a dynamic plant spirit, we recommend the following cacaos if you are focusing on:

Cacao & Two Forces Reflection Prompts

  • What Yin/Feminine qualities has cacao taught you in ritual? And Yang/Masculine?
  • What Yin/Feminine qualities can you bring into your cacao ritual and/or your life? And Yang/Masculine?
  • What has cacao taught you about unconditional possibility? How can you integrate that into your daily life?

Do you have any questions or comments on rituals? We'd love to hear from you! Reply to this email, reach out on social media, or click on the bottom-right-hand corner of our website for help.

With Love, Gratitude, & Cacao,

Jonas & The Firefly Family


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