Let’s talk about micro-dosing!

But not in the way you likely think 🙂

Micro-dosing typically refers to taking small amounts of psychedelics (anywhere from 5%-10% of a full dose of an entheogen) to treat a range of things from mood to physical ailments to boosting creativity.

Many people don’t know that this same principle of micro-dosing can be applied to cacao and is just as powerful!

In a world where we’ve been taught that more is better, we’ve actually learned that micro-dosing can actually help ease you into a new relationship with a plant ally. If you already have a relationship with a plant, micro-dosing can help you forge an even deeper connection by observing the subtleties and bringing intentional attention to the way in which the plant functions in your body, mind, and spirit.

Micro-dosing with cacao recommendations:


A microdose of cacao is anywhere from .1oz - .25oz (3 grams - 7 grams)
Ideally, you will create a commitment to be free of other stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol during your chosen time for microdosing. We also recommend practicing energetic hygiene by limiting exposure to overstimulating environments and avoiding a lot of screen time. The deeper your relationship with your body and the more committed your cultivation of a mindfulness practice, the more likely you will be able to perceive the cacao in very small doses.

Keep a journal in which you can write down how you feel before you take your microdose of cacao and then jot down how you feel a few hours later to track how cacao has shifted your state of being.

Micro-dosing Rituals

As we mentioned, if you’re new to cacao, beginning with a micro-dosing practice of cacao can be a magnificent way to get to know this plant ally. If you’re already a seasoned ceremonial cacao lover, implementing micro-dosing cacao can help renew your relationship and bring in some freshness to your ritual!

One of our favorite ways to do a micro-dosing ritual is to set an intention with each disc! For example, if you choose to micro-dose with 4 discs of cacao, the first disc can be an intention for yourself, the second disc can be an intention for your community, the third disc for Mother Earth, and the fourth disc for the collective. You can make a little shot of cacao if you’d like to drink it, or you can just let each disc melt in your mouth. Either way, ensure that you’re taking your time and not rushing through the process.

Another ritual we’d like to share with you is one that’s inspired by the way in which cacao beans have been used for healing in the Mesoamerican tradition where the healer would place cacao beans on the part of the body that the patient was having pain in. In this case, you can take some of your discs, and momentarily and lightly place them on the part of your body that you would like the cacao to focus on. Let’s say you’d like to open up your intuition, then you can lightly touch a disc to your third eye, or if there’s a part of your body that needs extra love, you can touch it to that part of your body as well before ingesting it.

Some people may not realize just how powerful cacao can be because it’s not a typical psychoactive plant, but in our experience, it has an incredible capacity to shift lives!

When you are intentionally speaking to cacao, you are working with an energy that is directly connected to Mother Earth and all her elements and kingdoms. Trust that even just a small amount can go a long way!


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