Welcome to your October Ritual Report!

As the month continues moving forward, many of us are feeling the collective transformation that we are going through. We share these ritual suggestions as a beacon of light and an opportunity to connect to peace, harmony, and alignment with the cosmos, nature, and your heart.

The rituals we share can be an opportunity for you to create an intentional space with cacao by drinking a higher dose, drinking your cacao within community, and/or dedicating more time to your practice.

In case you missed it, here’s our October Cacao Invocation, which you can tune into before beginning any of the rituals!

Your October Ritual Report

Wednesday, October 14th | New Moon Solar Eclipse In Libra

A new cycle is on the verge of commencing. Though it is a new moon, and most are accustomed to plant new seeds and intentions on this kind of lunation, with the eclipse, it is not a time to do such ritual work. So, on this day, we are advised to “stay inside,” that is, have a more laid-back day in which you relax and reflect on this cycle of time that is closing.

With a cup of ceremonial cacao, you can begin your day by giving thanks for all that has happened over the last six months since the last eclipse that initiated the cycle we will be closing on this day. With your journal, recapitulate the challenges and situations you have had to overcome, and feel into your inner strength and perseverance through it all. If there is something that perhaps remains challenging for you, practice self-compassion and embrace your humanity and the beauty that you are.

Recommended Cacao: Glowing Guatemala to soften your heart and activate self-love.

Monday, October 23rd | Scorpio Season Begins

Deep, watery, mysterious, and magical, Scorpio is a sign that invites us into the depths of our inner world and teaches us that what lives within us influences our relationship to the outer world. To begin integrating the teachings of Scorpio energy, invite your visions, dreams, and shadows to come to the forefront. 

We will still be in the portal of eclipses, so, take advantage of this time to continue slowing down. To honor these cosmic energies, we recommend doing a water ritual along with your cacao. Tantric Rose Blossom will help you connect to Scorpio’s sensuous energy while activating your internal waters. Prepare yourself a bath of rosemary and lavender, which in combination can boost insight, clarity and help you get calm. Before getting in your bath, commune with your Tantric Rose cacao to help you open to any insight you are currently looking for and ask for the bath to bring you clarity. Journal about this, then, while in your bath, just relax and contemplate. Once you’re done, journal anything that may have come through while you bathed.

October 28th | Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse In Taurus

This final eclipse of the year closes out a cycle that began in November of 2021. In a sense, it’s a big deal for our collective and each one of us on a personal level. A lunar eclipse holds the theme of polarities and relationships. In this case, our relationship to the tangible and intangible will be illuminated. While the Taurus moon has us feeling into our need for stability, the Scorpio sun is also calling us into transformation. The idea here is to find balance between the two.

On this lunation, explore your own relationship to the themes of Taurus and Scorpio. A decadent cup of Tantric Rose will attune you to the sensual and transformative energy of Scorpio with the energy rose while the cacao will attune you to the earthy and grounding energy of Taurus. Here are some journal prompts to guide your exploration of these opposing forces:

  • How is your relationship to the material at this current moment? Are your needs being met? If not, how do you wish for them to be met?
  • Where in your life are you feeling lack? How can you transform your perspective and attitude to one of abundance?
  • Do you feel your spiritual life and day-to-day life are in balance and nourishing each other? How so? If they aren’t, how can you bring them into harmony?

October 31st | Halloween/Samhain

Commonly known as Halloween, Samhain (pronounced Sah-win) has its roots in the Celtic tradition and is the time of year in which it is believed the veil is thinnest between the physical and unseen worlds. At its core, Halloween/Samhain is an invitation be in ritual, prayer, self-reflection, and in communion with our ancestors and allies on the other side.

Celebrate this day by clearing away the old and calling in guidance from your beloved ancestors. We recommend Oaxacan Spice, a traditional recipe shared by a Zapotec Elder who has now joined the ancestors. With its fiery energy, Oaxacan Spice can support you in illuminating what you wish to release.

As you sip on your cacao, write down all you wish to clear away while giving gratitude for the lineage you carry. When you’re ready, with a bundle of sacred herbs for burning, cleanse yourself with their smoke and envision how what you’re releasing is being given back to the Earth for composting so that it may transform into something beautiful and new.

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