Look at yourself in the mirror today…who are you beyond your limitations?

German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said, “Most people take the limits of their vision to be the limits of the world. A few do not. Join them.”

You are invited to join those visionary people. 

To support you in your journey, try taking a hot cup of Boundless Belize Pure 100% Cacao with you.

This cacao is very supportive of self-inquiry and imagination. 

Below, we offer an expansive and magical cacao ritual to help you break beyond your binds!

Let’s dive in.

Pre-Ritual: Become Boundless

Your cacao ritual begins the moment you decide to have a cacao ritual.

Become aware of your inner energetic environment—attitude, mood, feelings, thoughts, intentions. Do you feel Boundless?
Check in with your body—do you feel free?

Start fine-tuning the quality of your inner environment to create a state of Boundlessness.

Next, look to your outer environment. How can you make it feel more expansive?

Optimize the colors, music, sounds, smells, sacred ritual tools, other healing plants, photos, and artwork. 

Your goal is to create a Boundless inner and outer environment. 

When they are coherent, prepare your cacao with intention and get ready for your magical ritual.

Ritual: Imagine New Possibilities

Boundless Belize Pure 100% Cacao is excellent for meditation, self-inquiry, and creativity.

For this ritual, you'll need headphones, music player, cacao, and a notebook. 

To be creative, first we must become still. Grab your headphones and play this meditative track with healing frequencies to nurture your imagination.

Take a few sips of your cacao as you settle into the song.

Next, close your eyes and hold your hot cup of Boundless Belize over your heart. Breathe with gratitude.

Calm your mind, slow down your brainwaves, and take another sip of your cacao.

Then, enquire within. Follow this process for each prompt below. 

  • Speak the prompt directly into your cup of cacao 
  • Ask Mama Cacao for guidance. 
  • Take a grateful sip
  • Smile & close your eyes
  • Don’t answer the question or write anything down yet. For a few minutes, just listen and see what arises in the Boundless space of self-inquiry.
  • Take note of any responses and where it comes from. Thoughts? Feelings? From your intellectual mind? Your intuitive heart?
  • When you feel answers flowing in, open your eyes and take another sip. 
  • Write down as many responses as you possibly can to your prompt. To make sure you draw out everything, gently repeat the prompt in your mind and see what comes into your imagination.
  • If you are having a hard time with the prompt, try asking your own questions. Or, try asking Mama Cacao to guide you in creating a life beyond your wildest and grandest imagination. Then, see what happens!

Prompts For Self-Inquiry

  • If I thought it was possible, I would try…
  • If I wasn’t afraid, I would… 
  • If I knew that everything would be okay, I would…

Post-Ritual: Your Boundless Life

Your ritual doesn’t stop when you get up.

Your cacao ritual is like planting seeds.

And as you move into the world thereafter, your life then becomes the flowering and budding process.

Over the next days and months, let the spirit of cacao know that you are still paying attention.

This is one powerful way to grow your relationship with cacao.

You might be surprised at new questions arising in your mind and heart that expand your vision for your life.

Or perhaps, you are now asking more questions to redefine your limits.

In either case, stay open to Boundless possibilities!

Boundless Customer Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five-Star Review
"Boundless with Belize. I'm really enjoying the cacao. I've purchased different kinds as gifts for friends and am purchasing more various ones for myself! I'm obsessed. The tastes are beautiful. I feel good drinking it. I saw someone write in a review that it felt like a warm hug; that description is so accurate. I have been drinking this magic for 2 weeks now... I drink the cacao twice a day. Set your intentions and sip to perfection. I find drinking twice a day combined with a regular vitamins and supplements intake, that my appetite is not very big these days. It seems to suffice and the cacao helps kick my crazy sugar cravings." 
- Sherrisse D.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five-Star Review
"Truly Boundless. I absolutely love Boundless Belize. For me, out of the five different blends I have been blessed to try, it is the best balance of energizing / grounding. This is a hard thing to accomplish as feeling creative/energetic can often feel at odds with grounding, calm energy. Yet that balance is perfectly embodied by my experience with Boundless Belize. It also has such a beautiful, earthy, unexpected flavor. I have to stop myself from snacking on this as I try not to use my cacao without intention. But the manchego-flavor after-taste is just the most epic example of the gifts mother Earth has to offer us with her creations." - Meghan D.


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Boundless Belize 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

This magical drinking chocolate is grown amidst rainforests that cover ancient Mayan pyramids primarily by 300+ indigenous Q'eqchi' and Mopan Maya families in southern Belize. This PURE 100% heirloom cacao was Firefly’s first ceremonial cacao and is grown with deep respect and understanding of the local ecology. We've invested in a permaculture demonstration farm here to pioneer innovative agroforestry techniques, advance cacao cultivation in the region, and propagate heirloom seedlings.

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