Cacao 101 Course - Day 5

One of cacao's incredible powers is the power to shift the state of our mind; it has a positive effect on our mental health and can even be thought of as mother nature's anti-depressant and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety).

Ceremonial cacao increases the levels of certain neuromodulators that directly impact the functions of the brain. Simultaneously, cacao increases the levels of the corresponding re-uptake inhibitors, so that the effect of these neuromedulators is prolonged well beyond what would otherwise be a fleeting moment.

Working with cacao regularly can result in long term beneficial changes in brain function, primarily through the reinforcement of neural pathways that include more joy, love, presence, and connection.

There is ample evidence for the neuroplasticity of the human brain, and regularly ingesting cacao with all of its beneficial neuromodulators and correlated reuptake inhibitors could have long term impact on dominant neural pathways.

Here are some of cacao's beneficial neuromodulators.


  • Induces feelings of happiness and contentment
  • Regulates sleep, mood, appetite, and digestion


  • Plays a role in reward-motivated behavior
  • Influences movement and emotional responses
  • Regulates attention and learning


  • Regulates appetite, pain, and mood
  • May help protect against anxiety and depression


  • Plays a role in regulating emotions
  • May help promote mental clarity
  • May help reduce anxiety and depression


  • Helps regulate alertness
  • Plays a role in attention and focus

Fun Fact: Remember how yesterday we mentioned that magnesium in cacao supports healthy bones, muscles, and nerves? Well, it also helps to regulate mood and reduce stress!

We believe cacao has potential as a holistic therapy for depression, and we have encountered the effects of cacao during depressive episodes to be uplifting and stabilizing. It is our sincere hope that someday cacao could become a part of a clinically proven method for treating depression naturally, or as a method for assisting people in reducing their dependence on powerful pharmaceuticals.

Reflection for day 5

1. What is the current state of your mental health? How do you feel about it?

2. Do you currently or have you in the past struggled with mental health? Are you close with people who are in a struggle with their mental health?

3. How would you like to improve your mental health over the next two weeks as you embark on drinking cacao daily?