Cacao Challenge - Day 19

Today’s Cacao: Oaxacan Spice

So now we know, and have experienced cacao as a sacred seed that works on us in a holistic way.

It affects us in the mind and emotions by way of its neurotransmitters, it strengthens our bodies by way of theobromine and its many minerals and antioxidants, and fortifies our connection to our spirit by opening new avenues of perception, as well as the experience of open-heartedness.

Cacao is an incredible ally as it can be worked with in a variety of ways. You can work with cacao to help ease moments of grief, to do shadow work, inner child work, connection back to the self, all the way to increasing things such as creativity or even stamina.

Today we are going to focus on bringing in and planting seeds for more creativity so you can get inspired on new ways to work with cacao on your own once you complete this challenge.

Cacao is a wonderful ally for creativity as it encourages presence, focus, and relaxation; key things for getting into a state of flow and inspiration.

This plant spirit can provide breakthroughs, and reminds us of what we are here to do. Create.

From the simplest things such as making a meal, or preparing a cup of cacao (that in itself is an act of creation) to bigger things such as making art, or even planning an event.
Though many may not see the latter as creativity, cacao shows us that everything is an act of creation and it has the ability to become sacred through our intention.

A key ingredient to maintaining inspiration and creativity is a relationship to yourself. By bringing ritual into your every day as you have for these past 19 days, you may have already noticed how your self-awareness has increased.

Today, we will focus on tending to our inner garden, the place from which all our creations are first felt, then created.

We have chosen Oaxacan Spice for this practice as this spicy blend activates our solar plexus energy center. The space in which we find self-empowerment and the confidence necessary to live a life authentic to the heart.

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Reflection for day 19

- By experiencing cacao as an ally for creativity and development of my relationship to self, what other ways do I wish to work with cacao?

- What are some ways you would like to honor creativity in your life?

- Cacao is a plant that encourages us to take action on our commitments. What can you commit to that will help you keep the fire of creativity alive, or help it come back to life over the next week?