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4,500+ Five Star Reviews

What If You Could Feel Energized & Clear Naturally?

Experience a luxurious drinking chocolate made from 100% pure cacao. It boosts your mood. It provides gentle energy. It enhances creativity. It helps you meditate.

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100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao

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Incredibly Delicious & Easy to Make

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Sugar-Free, Vegan, Keto, GMO-Free

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Experience The Energy You Really Want

Discover the magic of one cup a day ...

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Theobromine gently energizes and helps with coffee reduction or replacement.

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Neuromodulators and neuro reuptake-inhibitors support a stable and elevated mood that lasts

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High mineral density in cacao replenishes deficiencies so you can be optimally healthy

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Cacao ceremony begins with mindfulness, gratitude, and intention.

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Hi, I'm Jonas, Founder of Ora Cacao

After roasting cacao beans on an open fire, hand peeling them beneath a sacred mountain, and grinding them to paste with stones under the guidance of a Zapotec elder in Oaxaca in 2012, I couldn’t stop thinking about cacao.

There was a wild essence to the cacao that I had never felt from chocolate before. An aliveness and a spirit. That’s why I started Ora Cacao, inspired by the wisdom of ancient traditions in which cacao was revered as a medicine and treated with love, care, and integrity.

The truth is, cacao can be life changing. Its mood boosting compounds can alleviate depression and anxiety, its gentle stimulating effect can reduce or replace coffee, and it can be a beautiful way to find greater meaning through ritual.

We built our own cacao factory so that we could stay true to our values and make the best pure 100% cacao available. Today Ora Cacao stewards direct trade relationships with thousands of small farmers so we can buy regeneratively farmed and ethically sourced cacao. And everyday we’re building community with folks like yourself who desire a more meaningful connection to cacao.

I’m thrilled you’re feeling the call to connect with cacao. I hope it’s as transformational for you as it has been for me.

Man smiling holding a ceramic mug by a window with a forest view.

Discover The Magic of
Ora Cacao

4,500+ Five-Star Reviews

Cacao Ceremony Kit

The best-selling cacao ceremony kit lets you sample our cacaos so you can find your favorite. The kits come with 12 single-serving packets of cacao that take just 15 seconds to make. Experience the magic of cacao today!

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What To Expect


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Consistent Increased Energy

A Delicious Mouthful of Chocolate

Feelings of Ease and Happiness


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Vitality from Replenished Minerals

Enhanced Creativity and Motivation

Access to Joy and Postitivity


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Neuroplasticity Supports Personal Growth

Well Regulated Nervous System

Access to Gratitude and Intuition

Want to feel uplifted, energized, nourished, and inspired?

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