Creating ceremonies with cacao can have a far reaching effect on our everyday lives. 

It can bring us comfort, clarity, guidance, joy, and so much more, so to make it an integral part of your life can help to create an anchor that you always come back to. 

In choosing to partake in a ceremony with cacao, through intention and love, you’re inviting the spirit of an elder plant that has led cultures for thousands of years. 

So what are some of the most important components to building a sustainable and enriching practice with cacao? 

And how often should you consume cacao ceremonially? What does this mean? 

Consuming ceremonial cacao in ceremony typically means drinking higher amounts, anywhere between 1.0oz-2.0 oz, in this way, you open up the space to engage with the essence of the plant.

Below we cover some of the most important aspects to create ceremony and cultivate a deep relationship with the spirit of cacao for inner work.

Top 5 Ceremony Essentials

#1 Quality 

The quality of your cacao, where it was sourced, and how it was prepared is an imperative part of cacao ceremony. If you’re consuming something like cacao powder, milk chocolate, Hershey’s chocolate, or over processed chocolate, you will not be connecting with the true essence of cacao. If you truly want to build a relationship with this plant spirit, be sure you have ceremonial grade cacao, that has been sourced and crafted with the intention for ceremony in mind. Our cacao is sourced from small family farms, many Indigenous owned, is minimally processed to keep the essence intact, and our business model is made to include the wellness of the Earth through regenerative practices. 

#2 Honor & Respect - Cacao is more than just chocolate

When you choose to engage in cacao ceremony you choose to engage with an elder plant spirit that has been around longer than we can imagine! Inviting cacao into your life for inner work is best when you have the awareness that you are building a relationship; the most successful relationships are reciprocal. This means taking the time to know where cacao comes from, the traditions that have kept the spirit of cacao alive, and perhaps even giving thanks to the spirit of cacao through offering some of your cacao to the Earth or a nearby plant when you engage with it. Cacao is a guide you can come to when in need, want to give thanks, or do other types of spiritual work such as release.

#3 Set & Setting 

The space in which you choose to create your ritual is of utmost importance and can make a huge difference in your experience. Prepare your space to feel nourishing for the type of work you’ll be doing with the use of purposeful lighting, music, and scents through sacred smokes like sage, Palo Santo, or sweetgrass. 

#4 Gratitude 

This ties back in with honoring cacao. Many wise Elders have shared that gratitude is one of the most powerful frequencies. Infuse your ceremony with gratitude by beginning this way, giving thanks to those who were a part of this process of getting cacao into your hands, the Earth for providing us with this medicine, and anything else that feels true to your heart. Beginning your ceremony in this way can be a potent practice to activate your cacao for the many possibilities it has to offer. 

#5 Trust & Intention

There is no specific ceremony for cacao. This is the beautiful thing about it; it teaches us to flow with what is moving through us day in and day out. Through intention, cacao ceremony is a powerful tool that can help in releasing, calling magic into your life, getting clarity, setting intentions, and so much more. Allow yourself to be creative, and see what happens! 

 We hope you enjoyed and have become inspired to continue deepening your relationship to cacao through ceremony and ritual!

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, or comments at 

Cacao hugs, 

Jonas & The Ora Cacao Family


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