In good Mercury Retrograde fashion, we are sharing a special and powerful cacao practice for the upcoming Full Moon In Pisces on Wednesday, August 30th:

Charging your ceremonial cacao under the light of the Full Moon!

This is a more advanced cacao ritual tip that pays homage to the way cacao seeds are traditionally used to absorb energy.

Cacao is known to be an energetically absorbent plant medicine. Knowing this, some ancient cultures use cacao seeds to absorb energy which can be causing imbalance in a person.

While people laid on their backs, shamans would scan their energetic fields.

Then, the shaman would place cacao beans on their areas of incoherence or imbalances, like on energetic centers or organs, so as to pull the negative energy out of the body.

Once the cacao had successfully absorbed the energy and the person was relieved of the energy causing dis-ease, the shaman would place the cacao beans in the river where they would wash away.

Charge Your Ceremonial Cacao Under The Light Of The Moon

Working with the knowledge that cacao is absorbent, rather than using it to remove unwanted energy, we can also work with it to bring in beneficial energy such as the cosmic energy of the Full Moon In Pisces.

This lunation is special and one that happens on a rare occurrence known as a Blue Moon since it is the second full moon within the span of 1 month. Not only that, but it is also a supermoon and is accompanied by many planetary aspects that give it extra strength.

How to Charge Your Ceremonial Cacao

  1. The night of the Full Moon, get a mason jar or any other sealed container (glass is best!).
  2. As you place each disc into the jar, set an intention for your Full Moon cacao ritual. Repeat until you have set all of your intentions.
  3. Place your cacao jar outside and “charge” your cacao under the lunar energy. Try to place your cacao in direct moonlight overnight. You may also charge a large batch of cacao in the Full Moon energy, then store it inside and drink it for various rituals over the coming weeks or months. The cacao will still hold the lunar energy when you drink it later.
  4. . The next morning, retrieve your jar. Make sure that the next-morning sunlight does not shine on your cacao, as long exposure to direct sunlight can reduce the potency of cacao. Then you can start preparing your charged cacao.
  5. Reconnect with your intentions as you sip.

The Gifts Of The Super Full Blue Moon In Pisces


This full moon is one of culmination. It beckons us to look back at the intentions we were setting during the new moon in Pisces back on February 20th to see just how far we’ve come.

Though this full moon can feel harsh at moments, it wants us to become very honest with ourselves. It is pushing us to be real about how committed we have been to our mind, body, spirit, and dreams.

It is a moon of reevaluation, recognition, and letting go.

Full Moon In Pisces Prompts and Ritual Suggestions

  • Look back at the new moon in Pisces February 20, 2023. What seeds were you planting? How have you cultivated your relationship to spirit? We’re being asked to reevaluate this and to be honest with ourselves. What have you been doing behind closed doors? How are you truly spending your free time?
  • Rest, reflect, dream, go within, dedicate this full moon to a more inward ritual in which you spend time with yourself in complete presence.
  • Allow yourself to dream, where do you want to go? And how committed are you willing to become? Are you willing to take the actions that must be taken? Are you willing to let go of the habits, situations, or relationships that aren’t serving that vision?
  • Take time to get really intentional about a plan of action based on what you’ve reviewed. What is the new way forward in your highest vision.

Glowing Guatemala: Cacao For Your Inner World

“Even in this summer heat, I so enjoy my cacao. This blend is perfect for me when I am needing quiet time to go inward, journal and receive inspiration from my Spirit Team. I highly recommend this particular cacao for deeper connection.” - Elaine C.

“Really love sitting with this particular cacao for longer meditations.. it leads me into my inner world to meet what's there feeling supported and held!” - Eric L.
“Glowing Guatemala is my go to. It lifts me up and allow me to go inside. Great for inspiration and inner work!” - Susan B.

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