Some come to cacao for the health benefits such as heart health, energy, or the flood of minerals it brings to your body. 

Others drink cacao for focus or transitioning away from caffeine. 

And many come to cacao for the spiritual benefits it offers; connection, heart expansion, presence, and integration of the human experience.

So, if you're currently wishing to strengthen your inner sense of connection, our Connected Colombia Cacao could be just right for you. 

Stewarded by the Arhuaco tribe of the Tairona people, this cacao is grown as sacred medicine in what they believe to be the Heart of the Earth. Infused with rituals of gratitude and reverence, as well as their ancestral ways of tending to the Earth, Connected Colombia Cacao is a potent ally connecting you to the Earth, self, groundedness, and inner peace. 

Read on for inspiration from one of our customers, Vicki, to find meaning and guidance through the medicine of this beloved cacao.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Connecting with Self

"As I was journaling about the pain in my back I felt called to sit with my feet on Mother Earth and be nurtured with a cup of cacao. As I sat outside I felt words coming forth painting an image of the experience: Feet bare, absorbing the coldness of the Earth. Icey toes begin to prickle. A cup warms her hands as she stares at the reflection of the dawning sky painted in the cacao. The image is broken by a single tear. "Please let me see, let me understand," is whispered into the rising steam. With the first sip her body is enveloped as Muma Cacao places a warm blanket around her shoulders. Her eyes drift close to see within. Mother Earth offers support as she cradles her feet. Her breath softens. The pain that had been cutting her in two ebbs, welcomed by Mother Earth. Her heart softens. Time passes gently with each sip. Her eyes open. In gratitude, she offers the rest of her cacao to Mother Earth. This cacao always brings me a deeper connection with myself." - Vicki C. 

Remember, whichever reason you choose to drink cacao, you can rest assured that you'll receive all of the benefits mentioned above (and more). 

Cacao hugs, 

Jonas & The Ora Cacao Family

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