Did you know Ora Cacao has a sister product line of functional mushrooms, called Mystic Mushrooms? No, they are not psychedelic, but they are definitely magical in all that they provide for our health!!

Mushroom Sourcing Matters

Just as we do with cacao, we pay meticulous attention to detail when it comes to sourcing our secondary ingredients. A couple of years ago we found a new mushroom supplier to improve our Mystical Mushroom Cacao. Quite honestly, it turned our understanding of functional mushrooms upside down. We were flabbergasted by the slick marketing and lack of integrity by the majority of major mushroom brands out there!

Here’s the #1 thing that shocked us into starting Mystic Mushrooms

At Mystic Mushrooms we only use fruiting body mushrooms. You’d think everybody does, but shockingly, just shy of all US based mushroom capsule and powder brands use mushroom mycelium, which has some medicinal benefit, but not the same potency as fruiting body. Ingesting this is more like consuming a ground up mushroom block, rather than the actual mushroom that grows out of it. Not what you thought you were getting, right? There’s a lot of non mycelium filler content in that, and even worse, the filler tests positive for starch based beta glucan tests that are published on the packaging as mushroom beta glucans. It is very misleading and there are more advanced mushroom specific tests that can be used that show these products are severely lacking in potency. It’s an instance where product labeling is falling severely short to favor profit, and it is currently legal based on laws in the US regulating supplements.

You can read about more about our mushroom sourcing here.

So we started Mystic Mushrooms

This compelled us to launch Mystic Mushrooms, to give our cacao community access to the same amazing mushroom extracts we had begun using in our best selling Mystical Mushroom cacao. We loved these mushrooms so much that we also began adding them to our soups, smoothies, or any other cup of cacao, and we figured you might want to do the same!

Because we have been so busy building our cacao factory and our team is still small, we haven’t designed fancy packaging yet for Mystic Mushrooms, but we’ve been excited to see so many of you try them and enjoy them in the last year! As you’ve seen us do with cacao, we lead with the quality product first and then the fancy packaging and all comes later.

Functional Mushrooms For A Prosperous Life

Having a healthy brain and getting your body into a state of harmony can be a game changer. This allows for more ideas to flow, for higher energy levels, and a better quality life overall. When we nourish our bodies with the right nutrients, we prosper. So, let’s dive into what we’re pouring into our cacao mugs to walk into this next year with clarity, focus, and inspiration.

ProSporous Mystic Mushroom Blend

This is our best selling blend so far. ProSporous is a a powerful synergistic blend of lion’s mane, tremella cordyceps, and poria that supports the mind, the lungs, the liver, and skin. The fruiting body mushrooms are 1:1 water extracted for maximum bioavailability.

  • Lions Mane: Helps with your productivity, creativity, and focus. It’s even the only mushroom known to support nerve growth.
  • Tremella: This mushroom has been called “the fountain of youth”. It is known to rejuvenate the skin, support respiratory health, and boost the immune system.
  • Cordyceps: Energizing and can boost overall physical performance. It is also known to be an ally to the respiratory system through its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Poria: This mushroom is a little known qi-tonic which means it provides vital upkeep for the liver.

Also check out Immuniboost, a close runner up in popularity to ProSporous, and MushiYum, the tastiest mushrooms we offer that are a delight for cooking with while still packed with health benefits.

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