Your day-to-day experience is the result of your habits: the things that you repeatedly do. You are made of your daily choices. Creating lasting change in your life goes beyond good habits though. It requires mindfulness and intentionality.

This is where we differentiate between ritual and habit. Habits are actions that we’ve become so accustomed to doing that we no longer have to think about them, like brushing our teeth or checking our email in the morning. There’s likely not much soul in that. Rituals, however, as simple or complex as they can be, carry intention and purpose and are charged with life force as we seek an outcome. They are conscious choices.

Another way to differentiate between ritual and habit is that a habit is typically a singular focus, such as drinking a glass of water in the morning or looking at your phone. Rituals involve a series of multiple actions. For example, your cacao ritual could involve making your cacao, saying a prayer, drinking it, and journaling.

When we start to include ritual in our day-to-day lives, we open a doorway to magic and meaning.

The Beauty of Ritual:

  • Rituals help you focus on what you are aiming for and move you into action to accomplish those goals.
  • Rituals can help you develop a deeper sense of meaning and purpose within the tapestry of life.
  • Designing rituals is a creative task. You can draw on the profoundly personal and create something that honors who you are in that moment and what you need and desire.
  • You can work with rituals to help you do tasks that perhaps you don’t feel too excited about. When you combine something you love with something you have to do, you are activating self-empowerment.

For all of these reasons and more is likely why ritual has been a time-honored practice throughout history. Something deep within our human soul knows that ritual is a way to keep us connected to life and to get us through the amazing parts, the hard parts, and everything in between. 

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