Big changes are on the horizon for Firefly. Earlier this week, we held a staff meeting at our new ceremonial cacao production space in Graton, California. 

We have finally outgrown our original chocolate “forge”, which was once an unfinished warehouse that needed paint, electrical, plumbing, flooring, and more to turn it into a commercial kitchen space!

The New Ceremonial Cacao Forge

To support this growing interest in ceremonial cacao, Firefly is making the leap into a new 8,400 square foot chocolate forge—four times the size of our current space.

Our new space is required in order to meet the growing global demand and to keep sharing the healing power of cacao. And this new chocolate forge will help us maintain and improve the quality, integrity, and accessibility of ceremonial cacao. 

Our “new” space was built in the 1940s and was formerly owned and operated by a winery. To begin crafting cacao as we uniquely do, the building requires significant customizations before we make the move in April.

The arched ceilings depicted to the left were formerly a wine barrel storage room, and will soon turn into our main chocolate production space.

We are knocking holes in the walls for a new loading dock and for big windows to let light in.

We are creating an expanded bathroom with a shower and laundry, as well as new industrial electrical.

In the last picture, the old and slanted concrete is being removed and replaced this week, so that we can have a level cacao storage warehouse. 

Believe it or not, this new space is barely long enough to fit our new chocolate "discs" depositor and cooling tunnel, which is over 110 ft long!

Once the cacao is deposited, the discs undergo a long journey to cool down into the solid discs that you enjoy!

Pictured here is our current custom-designed cacao depositor, which will soon grow in length, capacity, and consistency!

Cacaos For Big Transitions

Here are the cacaos that we are drinking during our big transition into our new home for at least the next five years!


Boundless Belize

As we set intentions for our expansion and take action to make it a reality, we are drinking Boundless Belize.

This cacao supports us in continuing to be boundless and living into a vision beyond what others think is possible. 

This cacao feels Expansive, Expressive, & Magical.

Thriving Tanzania

When we are faced with a lot of moving parts in a big vision, Thriving Tanzania is very supportive in clarifying our focus. 

This cacao is our ally in taking action and making dreams a reality.

 This cacao feels Focused, Clear, & Uplifting.


Thank you for your love and support. Stay tuned as we share more about our transition into the new facility, which will bring exciting an exciting future for all of us with ceremonial cacao. 

How can we support your cacao journey? We'd love to hear from you! Reply to this email, reach out on social media, or click on the bottom-right-hand corner of our website for help.

With Love, Gratitude, & Cacao,

Jonas & The Firefly Family

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