Cacao 101 Course

Curious about ceremonial cacao but not sure where to start? In this 19 day course you'll discover cacao foundations like: how to prepare cacao, health benefits, cacao history & mythology, and how to create your own cacao ritual.

  • Week 1: Learn the basics of cacao including: history, mythology, health benefits, etc.
  • Week 2: Drink cacao daily with guided meditations, learn how to prepare cacao at different dosages, creating a relationship with the spirit of cacao
  • Week 3: Working with cacao to ease anxiety, embody gratitude, and create your personal cacao ritual
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Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Course

Our next course begins August 2024! 🎉

Feeling ready to share the profound medicine of cacao with others? 

Our Cacao Ceremony Facilitation Course teaches the foundational knowledge, practical skills, and spiritual wisdom you need to facilitate cacao ceremony in a good way.

This 11 week course is an intensive training that's a mix of online learning, live calls, and peer learning groups.

Facilitator Course

Why Learn With Ora Cacao?

We've been steeped in the world of cacao for 10 years.

We've developed personal relationships with the regenerative farms we source from, built our cacao factory from the ground up, and have facilitated countless cacao ceremonies for thousands of people.

We're excited to share our expertise as you deepen your relationship with this sacred medicine.

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