Have you ever asked yourself if you’re living in good relationship with cacao?

It’s a question we pause to ask ourselves every once in a while to check in on how we’re relating to cacao as a healing plant ally.

We are big advocates for inviting cacao into your everyday life, as it holds incredible benefits for the body, is a great replacement for coffee, and is completely healthy to use daily. You’ll just want to make sure that reciprocity remains present in your interaction with cacao.

If the use of cacao becomes a habit that lacks ritual or ceremony, or even a brief moment of conscious gratitude, we are then disempowering ourselves and the cacao. What does this result in? The loss of cacao’s gift and magic.

Of course, you can come to cacao just for its energy, but don’t you want more than that?

Here’s an example:

Think about it as if you are relating to another human: “Oh this human gives me more energy, so I am going to come to them, oh I need something! Let me buy that and put it into my being.... DONE!” There is no reciprocity in this model. This is western consumption and not a reciprocal relationship.

So the simplest way you can ensure that you’re nurturing a reciprocal relationship is to start with gratitude. A moment’s effort is all you need to ensure you’re walking in the right direction.

Other Practices For Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Cacao:

  • Make offerings to the land you live on with your cacao
  • When taking a ceremonial dose, give yourself ample time to have the experience, don’t rush into the next thing in your day
  • Give yourself the opportunity for cacao to show you how it would like to guide you, rather than what you want from it
  • Ask the cacao - do you have anything to share with me? And then take at least a minute in silence to truly listen.

What are ways you maintain a reciprocal relationship with cacao? We’d love to hear from you! You can always reach out to as to support@oracacao.com

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