It's that time of year again, with November marking the beginning of many family and friend gatherings. 

The holidays are approaching, and though fun and exciting, these can also be times in which old fears, hurts, and anxieties come up. 

So what's a tool to bring some harmony, balance, and ease to ourselves as we navigate another holiday season? 

Conscious Cacao Communion

As you might know from previous emails, Cacao is a powerhouse plant packed with minerals, anti-oxidants, and neuromodulators, efficiently carried into our bodies by the naturally occurring cacao butter. One of the neuromodulators that Cacao contains is anandamide, also known as "the bliss molecule." It's an Omega-6 fatty acid neurotransmitter that helps stimulate a sense of happiness and mental wellness. Anandamide is one of the reasons Cacao is a natural antidepressant and anxiolytic! 

Through this knowledge, we can begin to see that by drinking Cacao and taking time to commune with this plant, we can regulate our nervous system, bring a sense of joy into our hearts, and have more mental clarity. All important factors to support us in feeling grounded in ourselves as we move through a lot of energy during the holidays. 

A Simple Grounding Practice

Before heading out to a gathering or the morning before an eventful day, prepare yourself a cup of your favorite Cacao. Dedicate a few moments to stating your intention to Cacao. Some examples of this can include: 

  • To become rooted in the wisdom of your heart throughout the day
  • To receive the support you need to set healthy boundaries within yourself and with others 
  • To have the wisdom to know when you need a break
  • Envision how you would like to be present within yourself when you are around family/friends 

Through anecdotal experience and through listening to our community over the years, we know that Cacao is a wonderful tool to help us learn to be more compassionate with ourselves and how we relate to others as we move through the spiral of life. 

Cacao As An Ally


Here are some words from a customer whom we feel perfectly describes how Cacao can be helpful during this holiday season: 


"I start every morning with a cup of Cacao, and it is helping me keep myself together, without a doubt. I work in mental health care, and COVID has made fear, anxiety, and dysregulation a huge part of my day. Having a cup of Cacao and sitting quietly, allowing myself to feel safe and balanced, and focusing on holding internal boundaries is an essential part of my self-care. Simple, but powerful. I've also started sharing it with my co-workers. Thank you for providing this product. " - Etta B

May you cultivate peace and harmony with your personal practices over the next two months! We'd love to hear from you; feel free to reply to this email and share what practices you use to keep yourself in a healthy and loving state of mind during this season! 

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