Last month, we mentioned the term Sacred Activism in a few of our blog posts, but what is it exactly?

To begin understanding what Sacred Activism is, we can first observe what traditional activism is. Traditional activism as we know it is often fraught with overworking and burnout, as it’s fighting AGAINST something at all costs. Traditional activism is also often like many of our work cultures in that it doesn’t necessarily have a holistic regard for the health of the person doing the work, which can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and in turn, disease.

We believe that the way in which you do any one thing is how you also do others, and it permeates everything. So how can we truly bring healing to the world’s problems if we are struggling with burnout and an unhealthy lifestyle? Queue Sacred Activism. 

What Is Sacred Activism?


Sacred activism is rooted in fighting FOR something and balanced by self-care, stability, and harmony. It acknowledges that inner transformation is just as important as the outer work, and that in fact they go hand in hand. Sacred activism is rooted in taking practical steps to realizing big dreams that are not incremental changes but complete system shifts. Sacred activism is a devotion to something bigger than our human selves, a devotion to ecosystems, communities, and future generations.

The sacred activist thrives instead of survives, and is constantly fed by their vision and their dream. There is a compassionate force driving the sacred activist, who is determined to see a better world, but rather than fighting it with the same fire that created it (e.g anger with anger), they find new perspectives and innovative solutions that are in alignment with the ways of the Earth. The sacred activist is a global citizen, who thinks globally and acts locally.

 Ora Cacao's Sacred Activism

Ora Cacao’s sacred activism is to embody a reciprocal relationship to the production of cacao as medicine. In order to create medicine, every step of producing cacao must be regenerative and give back more to the earth than it takes, otherwise, it is not truly medicine. This is a fundamental system shift from the exploitative and genocidal systems that the modern chocolate industry is rooted in. We are dreaming a new dream because we know it is imperative to the future of humanity, and that with patience, commitment, and determination, it is truly possible to shift the value of cacao from candy to medicine. 

Doing what we do is only possible because you are right here with us, dreaming it into being. With your own relationship with cacao, with the kind words you share about us in your community, the ceremonial cacao movement is growing, and a new understanding of ceremonial cacao is taking root in our modern-day world. We’ve already seen a massive transformation in the last five years and we know that we are just at the beginning.

Thank you for being sacred activists with us and we hope that relating with cacao ignites your own sacred activism so that we all together create thriving and prosperity for all on this planet!

With love, 

Jonas & The Ora Cacao Family 


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