We are officially entering a collective rebirth as we greet April with a new moon.

How are you feeling?

What dreams are blooming?

Do you have a plan to keep these intentions in the forefront to bring them to completion?

Let’s be real; sometimes, we need a visual reminder to keep us aligned and committed to what we’ve set out to do, so what could that be?

A vision boarding cacao session! This can be a really fun way to get your creative flow going and set intentions with extra potency.

In perfect timing, this new moon in Aries is here to support us in getting clear, concise, and bold. With planets such as Saturn and Mars joining this new moon, the energy of this lunation is clearly asking us to commit to our dreams.

With your favorite cup of cacao in hand, you can use the heart-opening effects of cacao to empower the magic that already lives within you and is seeking to be expressed.

Below we share some inspiration from Robin, who with her Tantric Rose Blossom Cacao tapped into her inner visionary.

A Bloom of Affection ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 
”During our ceremony this past weekend we had Tantric Rose cacao. There was a lovely warmth and bloom of affection that rose up inside. After our ceremony we made vision boards.. And the medicine of cacao continued through our time, most notably we each experienced joyful giggles and full belly laughter together. It was a sweet day, blessed by Tantric Rose Cacao. Thank you for all your teachings and service to this medicine.” - Robin T

Benefits of Creating Vision Boards:

  • Creates focus and direction
  • It can be a relaxing activity that promotes self-reflection
  • Stimulates creativity & new ideas
  • When placed in daily line of sight, it can serve as a beautiful reminder of where you’re headed

And don’t worry, if you don’t have cacao on hand right away, you can still take advantage of this new moon and planetary energy at any time this month; the magic is always brewing!

Happy New Moon Blessings!

Jonas & The Ora Cacao Family 

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