The energy we're focusing on this month is grounding and reconnecting to the elements, commencing with the element of Earth. Beginning at our roots and bringing ourselves into a grounded state allows us to live a life with more stability, so this month, we raise our cup to Mother Earth and all of nature's blessings.

We invite you to tune into these words each time you sit with cacao this month or call upon it whenever you need some extra support. This prayer can also be used in an offering ritual where you can find a spot in nature and offer some cacao to the Earth.

Cacao Invocation | September

To the Earth, Mother, Creator, Sustainer
I raise my cup to you in reverence, gratitude, and praise
May I learn to walk upon you with grace - each step becoming a loving embrace, a prayer of gratitude for the gift of life and all you provide for me and my community to thrive.
Take me into your soil, and teach me to become like the tree. Steady, grounded, deeply rooted, yet with the fortitude to sway with the winds that come and go.
May I learn to sit in stillness as I observe your cycles and learn the secrets of balance.
I choose to respect your cycles of time and, in turn, my own.
May I embody reciprocity, not merely coming to you for my own benefit but yours as well.
To you, I offer flowers, aromas, song, and prayer, the acknowledgment that I am your child and that as I grow, I must care for you too.
To you, I offer this cacao, and as I take each sip, I receive you fully through this sacred seed.
May I become more sensitive to your subtleties - your messages through animals, plants, and elements, feeling your hum, which all bring me stability and strength.
Thank you, Mother Earth, for all that you are, all that you were, and all that you will become.
Thank you, Mother Earth, for all that I am, all that I was, and all that I will become.
In this moment, I remember I am held, I am loved, and I am supported.

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