When the elders ask, where is your soul? What’s your first response?

Think of warmth, fire, pulsation, flow …

In our physical bodies the soul resides in the heart. The growing movement of gathering in ceremony with cacao and other plant allies is a collective longing to amplify the intelligence of the heart. To let the knowledge of our souls blossom in the heart and inform the mind, living the Beauty Way that is in full alignment with why we are here in this lifetime on Earth.

The plant medicines aren’t here to do the work for us. They are here to be our allies to be the tools that help us come into new realizations.

Drinking cacao is just one step to awakening the voice of the heart. It is a catalyst. The practices that we accompany with cacao are the fuel to propel us into our personal paradigm shift.

How will you propel your personal deep work forward with cacao by your side?

Some practices for your journey with Cacao

Movement. Cacao loves physical movement. Whether that is dancing, breathing, or getting on a bicycle, moving your body circulates the cacao and connects you to your body as prayer.

Journaling. When the heart is open, our voice is different. By taking time to reflect or sit in silence with cacao, we can hear the intuitive guidance that can create monumental changes. What would happen if you start living your life by the subtle guidance of your spirit, rather than the rules of the mind that has been filled with societal “norms” and the voices of many others? In cacao ceremony you can give yourself the opportunity to empty yourself of all that is not you.

Sharing cacao with your loved ones. When we share deeply and listen with presence to each other, so much wisdom and healing can come through that is often not available when we are only ever in our personal cave. Once an elder said, “if you want to do personal work, surround yourself with people as they will reflect to you what is going on within. If you want to do work of the spirit, spend time alone in praise and prayer as you can hear it best in silence.”

Studying the ceremonies and rituals that are practiced by the original carriers of this medicine. By getting to know the original traditions and stories of cacao, you’ll be able to form a more holistic relationship to cacao in which you can continue personalizing your practices in an authentic and reverent way by honoring the guardians of cacao and in turn becoming a worthy ally.

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