Enhanced 100% Ceremonial Cacao

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Oaxacan Spice

On some days you just need a little extra celebration and motivation, and this pure ceremonial cacao elevates you quickly as our blend of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cayenne get your circulation pulsing.

Ancient peoples of central & South America loved drinking their chocolate hot and spicy rather than sugary. This is a modern interpretation of ancient Mayan drinking chocolate honoring our Zapotec elder Maria, who taught us the time-honored ways of chocolate making in Oaxaca. Through this enhanced cacao, we connect to the roots of ceremonial cacao with gratitude. 


Cacao Beans from Guatemala, Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, Cardamom from Guatemala, Ginger from China, Cayenne from India


Celebratory, Elevating, Warming

Best For

Circulatory Support and Community

Flavor Profile

Chili, Cinnamon, Cardamom (these are tasting notes, not ingredients)


Mix & match any of our cacaos. Automatic discounts applied in cart for 3 or more one pound bags or 2 or more five pound bags.

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Ceylon cinnamon, or "true" cinnamon provides the foundation of the Oaxacan Spice Cacao with its distinctive warming properties, smell & flavor. Similar to cacao, ceylon cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and supports the heart. We currently source from Sri Lanka; formerly known as Ceylon.

This cacao blend wouldn't be complete without ginger. Warming, invigorating and delicious. It adds depth, spice and complexity to this already rich blend.

Also belonging to the ginger family, cardamom rounds out the spice profile of the Oaxacan Spice Cacao. Typically associated with chai cardamom lends a subtle and unique flavor experience to your cup. To guarantee freshness and potency we source whole seeds that we later reduce to powder immediately before adding them to cacao.

Known for its spicy pepper flavor and ability to warm the body, cayenne makes the recipe "pop". The subtle amount added isn't enough to deter the sensitive though enough to enjoy. You can't have a complete Oaxacan blend without cayenne.

Vegan Keto Ethical GMO-Free Soy-Free Sugar-Free Regenerative

Vegan Keto Ethical GMO-Free Soy-Free Sugar-Free Regenerative

My original drinking chocolate

Long before I even began to sell ceremonial cacao, I would take my spicy chocolate bar and melt it down to make a cup of rich drinking chocolate. This experience led me to my first spiritual connections with cacao, and showed me that even more so than eating a chocolate bar I loved the ritual of drinking a cup of cacao. Every time that I drink this I think of the ancient cacao cultures, because they drank their cacao spicy rather than sweet. I can only dream of the many spicy cacao recipes they had utilizing various local chilis!

Awakens the fire within and connects to the solar plexus center, the home of personal power.

The element correlating to this energy center is fire and the organic spices ground into the cacao are all spices that stoke the fire within our bodies physically and energetically. All four spices in this blend, ginger, cayenne, cardamom, and cinnamon are circulatory and digestive aids boosting the functioning of the digestive organs. On an energetic level, this cacao awakens the fire within,

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Preparing Your Cacao

  • Step 1

    Take a handful of cacao discs (use 20-25 discs, depending on your desired dosage).

  • Step 2

    Combine with 1 cup of 180°F liquid (water, herbal tea or nut milk).

  • Step 3

    Whisk or blend for 15 seconds. Optionally add sweetener (try maple syrup or raw honey).

159 reviews
  • Jackie B.
    Verified Buyer
    5 days ago
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Warming Loving support

    It’s like a warm hug in a cup. The warm spices mixed with the cacao is a very beautiful combination. It helped shift the mood and increase energy level. I feel so supported and grateful for all that has come to my life.

  • stephanie r.
    Verified Buyer
    2 weeks ago
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Favorite flavor

    I purchased two different flavors, and fell in love with this one. Thank you!!

  • Allison C.
    Verified Buyer
    4 weeks ago
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Oaxacan Spice

    Tis is my favorite! I love the combination of spices! So mellow and nicely blended!

  • Elaine J.
    Verified Buyer
    1 month ago
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Hot Love

    This was my first choice of ceremonial cacao and was exactly what I was looking for! I feel a heart connection to the country of origin and the spice combo are some of my favorites. It’s a warm, energizing blend with a mild zip for fun !

  • Roberto V.
    Verified Buyer
    2 months ago
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Feeling the love

    Drinking this chocolate has changed my life. I was pretty bummed out all the time and depressed. Plus, I had some issues with blood circulation because of an accident I was in. But I can say that this cacao, this magic food, has helped me tremendously. My depression has gone away, and my circulation has vastly improved. Every time I have a cup of cacao, it fills me with this raw , wholesome energy that releases me from the strict grips of reality and expands my mind, body, and soul into a tranquil and grateful state of being. Thanks, Ora Cacao !

  • Ryan N.
    Verified Buyer
    2 months ago
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    The Spicy Goodness

    I loooooove the way this one warms me up and gets my fire stoked. Every time I drink it I think of that one scene in the movie Chocolate, where Judi Dench is like, “nothing is gonna make me happy EVER so just f off,” and then Juliette Benoche is like, “what about THIS?” as she hands her some drinking chocolate with chili in it and Judi Dench is like “whaaaaaaaaaaaa?! this is the BOMB!” That’s the vibe. Spice it up!

  • Diana S.
    Verified Buyer
    2 months ago
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Yummy Wa Ha Can

    My fav in flavoring. I love the tiny bit of heat, not too spicy, and flavorful cinnamon/cardamon added. Bravo - just ordered another 1/2 pd bag.

  • Shannon I.
    Verified Buyer
    2 months ago
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Warming and spicy!

    I LOVE the warm spicy flavor of this cacao. I enjoy this one as a special occasion or special reserve treat!

  • Elizabeth B.
    Verified Buyer
    3 months ago
    Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    I love the Ora Oaxacan Spice cacao. It is rich and delicious and utterly satisfying. My only suggestion would be to lessen the amount of ginger in the mix. Otherwise, it is lovely.

  • Mary Grace C.
    Verified Buyer
    4 months ago
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    The perfect amount of spice!

    Really love this cacao blend. It has the perfect amount of spice and warmth.

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Answers to Frequent Health Questions

What are the Nutrition Facts?

Due to smaller disc size, please note serving size is 20-25 discs

Oaxacan Spice Cacao Nutrition Facts

Is Your Cacao Tested for Heavy Metals?

Our cacao has been lab tested for safety and meets comprehensive EU standards for absence of heavy metals. In particular all our cacao tests below detectable thresholds for lead, and all our cacao tests below government mandated limits for cadmium. We actually test for 68 different heavy metals, but our focus here is on lead and cadmium as those are of most public discussion.

So why is our cacao so much safer than other chocolate products out there? 

Let’s look at cadmium specifically. Cadmium uptake is dependent on many variables, including cacao genotype, cacao tree age, and other trace metals present in the soil. Notably, the more depleted the soil is of other beneficial minerals such such as Zn, Ca, Mg, and Mn, and the younger the trees are, the higher the Cadmium uptake is. Because our cacao sourcing is focused more on quality than quantity, it is not farmed as intensively as the majority of global monoculture cacao production. Rather, our trees tend to be older and within polyculture agroforestry systems with rich soils - all factors that reduce cadmium uptake. The permaculture practices that our farmers use also regularly replenish the soils. So really, cadmium uptake has a substantial amount to do with farm management practices.

It’s also interesting to note that cadmium is first accumulated in leaves, then cacao pod shells, then cacao beans. Proper handling and shelling of cacao beans can remove the husk, which has a higher concentration than the edible part, the bean. We take great care in our cracking and winnowing process to remove as much shell as possible, which also reduces cadmium concentration in the final product. With our recent factory upgrade, we actually acquired a cracker and winnower that is a state of the art German design, used in the chocolate industry for over fifty years! This results in the cleanest cacao nibs possible.

Are there any Contradindications?

We believe cacao has potential as a holistic therapy for depression, and we have encountered the effects of cacao during depressive episodes to be uplifting and stabilizing. It is our sincere hope that someday cacao could become a part of a clinically proven method for treating depression naturally, or as a method for assisting people in reducing their dependence on powerful pharmaceuticals. 

Because cacao is contraindicated with SSRIs, many people struggling with depression cannot take cacao because of the SSRI’s they are medicating with. There is potential that people may be able to partially reduce their SSRI medication intake and supplement with ceremonial cacao, however medical studies on this need to be done to establish a verifiable protocol. If you are a medical practitioner and would like to collaborate with us on such a study, please let us know! Because pharmaceutical SSRIs have many side effects and ceremonial cacao is beneficial in so many other ways, we are hopeful that such a protocol would greatly benefit the lives of many people struggling with depression and other mood disorders.

What Minerals Does Cacao Have?

Consuming cacao can replenish minerals vital to our body. Magnesium is chronically deficient in the majority of western diets, and cacao is the highest naturally occurring source. Magnesium is used in all key brain functions, especially memory and concentration. It is also beneficial for the function of the heart, acting to relax blood vessels and decrease strain. Besides magnesium, cacao is also the highest naturally occurring source of chromium, and also high in copper, calcium, manganese, zinc, sulfur, iron, and phosphorus.

How Does Cacao Affect Mood?

Many ceremonial cacao lovers report a notable impact on their mood. There is substantial science that explains why ceremonial cacao is so beneficial. Pure cacao contains beneficial neurotransmitters and neuro-modulators already present in our brain. It also contains reuptake inhibitors that block the pathways that our bodies normally use to break down and recycle these beneficial mood altering molecules, so the good mood lasts for longer. In the long term, regularly working with ceremonial cacao can have therapeutic health benefits, including creating new neural pathways that change our daily experience to include more joy, love, and connection.

Top Molecules in Cacao

Some of the top mood altering molecules in cacao include:

Anandamide is commonly referred to as the bliss molecule, and is associated with the runner’s high effect. It is actually the first endocannabinoid to be discovered, and it is well known for moderating pain. Cacao also has N-linoleoylethanolamine, which is the reuptake inhibitor for anandamide.

Phenylethylamine (PEA) - Helps with excitement, alertness, attention. Gives the perception of time slowing down.

Norepinephrine is commonly referred to as the joy molecule. It is both a neurotransmitter and a hormone,

Serotonin - Helps with wellbeing, and creates resistance to stress. Cacao also has MOA inhibitors that inhibit reuptake of serotonin.

Dopamine - Gives feelings of motivation and pleasure. Cacao also has MOA inhibitors that inhibit reuptake of dopamine.

Due to these molecules and many others, when you drink ceremonial cacao you may feel expansive, blissful, connected to self and/or others, inspired, connected to your intuition & vision, connected to spirit, grounded, emotions arise, and the movement of stuck energy. You can also experience increased blood flow, mood elevation, and a more expanded state of consciousness. Cacao is a vasodilator, meaning your blood vessels and muscular systems relax. When working with ceremonial doses of cacao, blood flow can increase by up to 30%, meaning that more blood (life force energy) is moving through your body and nourishing all of your systems.



Our hearts have been opened and our lives have been transformed through intimate contact with cacao, one of nature’s greatest healing medicines. We hope in our relationship with you, you will receive many gems of wisdom compiled from countless hours in the field, that we hope will deepen your practice, connection and life.

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