How To Make Delicious Drinking Chocolate

The Basic Recipe

You can make your own ceremonial cacao drink in just two simple steps! Below is the basic recipe we use.

1) Heat Water

Heat water to a temperature so that it's hot for drinking, but significantly below boiling (150F or 65C), so that the health benefits of the cacao are maintained. If at all possible, use the highest quality water available. We go on trips to hand harvest spring water as part of our cacao ceremony preparation (check out for locations near you).

2) Add Cacao Discs to Water and Blend

Transfer the hot water to a mixer or blender (we use a Nutribullet or a Vitamix), and add the cacao discs to the blender. Blend the cacao and water for 20 seconds to simultaneously melt and emulsify the cacao in the water. This will create a delightful frothy drink.

For an individual serving, use 1oz of cacao (about 20 discs, or 1/4 cup), with 1/2 cup of liquid.

For a group ceremony, use 1lb of cacao with 8 cups of liquid, for every 16-20 people. 

Wait ... I don't need to shave the chocolate off a big block or slowly melt it in a double boiler?
Exactly 🙂 Our chocolate discs make it as easy for you as possible to enjoy cacao regularly.  

Upgrading the Recipe

The basic recipe is simply a starting point. Here are some of our favorite tips for making truly magical cacao drinks!

1) Teas

Rather than using pure water, you can brew any of your favorite herbal teas, and use that as a base for the cacao drink. Cacao is an excellent carrier for the medicinal properties in herbs, so it is a natural combination with tea. One of our favorites is steeping chaga and reishi mushroom in hot spring water as a base for making our ceremonial cacao.

2) Nut milks

Freshly prepared nut milks (you can search recipes for this online) lend a rich creaminess to the ceremonial cacao. Almond milk, cashew milk, hazelnut milk, or coconut milk are all excellent choices. You can also use store bought nut milks, but be aware these frequently have substantial sweetener added to them. Heat these to the same temperature as you would water, and stir frequently.

3) Sweetener

Our 100% ceremonial cacao is deliberately unsweetened, so that you can experience cacao in it's purest format. That said, sometime some sweetener in a cacao drink is just perfect, and a little bit goes a long way. We always recommend local and organic if possible - our go to is local honey or grade B maple syrup.

4) Spices

The sky is the limit for how to spice your cacao! Ancient Mayan cacao recipes had a unique preparation for each of the different chilis they would use. One of our long time favorite combinations includes cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and cayenne. A pinch of sea salt can be amazing. Or a dash of rose water. We encourage you to explore here - the benefit of a frequent cacao ritual is that you have many opportunities to experiment!

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