Let's deepen your connection to cacao and grow your ritual practice.

In our October Ritual Report, we've highlighted meaningful astrological dates that help you align with the natural cycles of Earth, significant days to celebrate and reflect with cacao, and notable historical events. This offers you a mix of cosmic and grounded cacao ritual.

In addition, we recommend specific cacaos to support your intentions on these special days. 

Each day is an opportunity to go deeper with your ceremony by dedicating more time, planning a more involved ritual, perhaps increasing your cacao dose, or planning ahead for a (virtual) group ritual with friends, loved ones, and the larger community.

How will you make your rituals authentic to you this month?

Let us know! We look forward to hearing from you.

*P.S. - Stay tuned for your Ritual Report Part 2 in the middle of the month!

October Ritual Forecast: Part 1


  • Sat. October 2nd | Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday 
  • Wed. October 6th | New Moon in Libra
  • Sun. October 10th | World Mental Health Day 
  • Mon. October 11th | National Indigenous People’s Day


Cacao Ritual - Inspiration & Suggestions 

Saturday, October 2nd | Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday

On this day, the world celebrates the birthday of a leader who created a ripple effect of non-violent changes and whose words still inspire us to this day.  In honor of his life and the impact he’s had on the world, sit with a cup of Vibrant Vitality and watch this short video on the life of Mahatma Gandhi and his impact on the world, then reflect on what these words inspire in you…

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”
“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”

For a deeper ritual: Write a letter in support of humanity, what you wish for our freedoms, what you wish for those who need support, and when finished, hold the letter to your heart, and offer it to the fire. In many traditions, this is a way of elevating our prayers and petitions. You can do this safely in a fireproof bowl outdoors, or if you have at your disposal, your fire pit or even grill. *For some this may be difficult if you live in areas that are at risk of wildfires, to work with this symbolically, you may place your letter under a candle for as long as you wish. 

Wednesday, October 6th | New Moon in Libra

Balance, justice, and harmony are all words that can encompass the elevated expressions of Libra. New Moons represent the start of new cycles, planting seeds, and creating new intentions, or re-evaluating existing ones. This New Moon invites us to reflect on how we can bring balance into our lives, with an emphasis on our relationships and our environment. 

Here’s an invitation to slow down, breathe, and tune into this moon’s energy with a cup of Connected Colombia. Put on some relaxing music, cleanse your space to bring balance, grab your journal and reflect on these prompts: 

  • How do I wish to bring harmony into my life over this next 6 month cycle?
  • Is there balance between the time I spend with others and the time I spend with myself? If not, how can I bring more equilibrium to these aspects of my life? 
  • The practices that help me feel grounded and held are:
  • Today I choose to plant the seed of balance in my environment by:


Photo by @EmilyBauman__

Sunday, October 10th | World Mental Health Day 

The World Federation for Mental Health has announced that this year, the theme for World Mental Health Day is “Mental Health in an Unequal World”. This theme was chosen because the world has become increasingly polarized, and they wish to bring awareness to the fact that mental health services remain unequal.

Start your day with a warm cup of nurturing Glowing Guatemala, tune into how the neuromodulators such as serotonin, dopamine, and anandamide in cacao bring balance to our brain chemistry and help us remain in a more positive state of mind. Ask yourself how you can become an advocate for mental health within your community. 

This is a great day to create a small gathering with friends to exchange stories about mental health and bring awareness to the fact that we are not alone. The non-profit Mental Health America shares 31 Tips to Boost your Mental Health here. Take some time as you drink your cacao to read through these tips and take action on one of the recommendations.

“Self-care is how you take your power back.” — Lalah Delia

Monday, October 11th | Indigenous People's Day 

On this day we invite you to honor the original nations that resided on the lands most of us live on. Unfortunately, the history that has been taught to most of us has left out the rich culture of the Native Americans as well as the sad truth in which colonial takeovers led to the deaths of millions of Native people, the loss of their lands and wisdom, and has had repercussions that we as a collective are still in need of repairing. Though this is a national holiday in the US, if you live overseas, we encourage you to also learn more about those who were and remain stewards of the terrain you are currently on.

Ignite your heart with a cup of Oaxacan Spice, and as you enjoy your drink, learn about the Indigenous Territory you are living on here and reflect upon how you can acknowledge the land you’re on. This is a wonderful article about how we can each stand in solidarity on this day and can continue to do so moving forward

Before you finish your cacao, take a moment to raise a prayer to Indigenous lands, Indigenous peoples, and then go outside and offer some of your cacao back to the land in gratitude and in solidarity. 🙏

 October Cacao Suggestions

Image of Vibrant Vitality 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

Vibrant Vitality 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

Image of Connected Colombia 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

Connected Colombia 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

Image of Glowing Guatemala 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

Glowing Guatemala 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

Image of Oaxacan Spice 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

Oaxacan Spice 100% Ceremonial Cacao Drink

We hope this cacao ritual forecast sparks inspiration, deeper self-knowledge, generosity, and understanding.

Do you have any questions on rituals? Or would you like to share your rituals with us?

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