Every once in a while it’s nice to check in with ourselves and bring more intentionality into our personal ritual practices, especially if you’re working with cacao since it has a spirit!

In our monthly Ritual Reports, we always highlight the full and new moons. These times are two of the most potent times to do our cacao rituals, but what you may not know is that the moon also affects the way that cacao naturally grows!

In honor of today’s Full Moon in Libra, we are taking you back and highlighting some wonderful teachings about cacao and the moon that we covered in a blog post back when we were Firefly Chocolate!

We hope this inspires you for your Full Moon and New Moon rituals this month!

What Happens With Cacao During The Full Moon

When the moon is full, the cacao tree is in the energy of growth and expansion. As we learned while visiting our cacao farmers, the full moon is a time when cacao trees put forth new leaves. This lets us know that cacao is in a state of radiating, in its fullest expression, and that it is branching out towards the world.

Understanding this connection between the cacao tree, the moon, and ourselves, we can see how it is a time when everything we’ve intended and worked with in the lunar cycle (that begins on a new moon) can flower.

By connecting with cacao’s growth and expansion during this phase of the moon, we too can access the same energy as we sip our cacao. Make your rituals during this peak lunar phase more active, expressive, celebratory, and kinetic.

We recommend Tantric Rose Blossom and Glowing Guatemala during the full moon phase! New cacao leaves are delicate, almost transparent, and reddish in color, and these two cacaos are gentle yet empowering that carry the energy of growth and illumination.

What Happens With Cacao During The New Moon

During the New Moon, the cacao tree’s energy descends into its roots, where it rebuilds, nourishes itself, and prepares for full expression when the Full Moon comes around.

You could say that this is when the tree gathers its resources and plants its seeds of intention. It’s also the least harmful time to prune the cacao tree, which ensures good airflow and prevents mold growth.

Taking the cacao tree as a guide for our new moon ritual, we can mirror how it goes inward into the fertile dark soil. Have rituals that nourish your roots, take time to reflect, and dream of the new seeds you’d like to plant.

To encourage dreaming into the future with the energy of new moons, we recommend Boundless Belize cacao. This is a wonderful choice for expanding your vision. Mystical Mushroom cacao is another great new moon ally as it will connect you to your roots, helping you to tune into the energy of nourishment and rest. 

Working with cacao in this way can be a beautiful homage to the natural cycles of the cacao tree as you, too, heal and grow. Whatever practice you choose, just remember, your intention and the heart you put into your rituals make all the difference in the depth of your experience.

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