Theobroma Cacao, otherwise known as "Food Of The Gods" has a history that will likely remain shrouded in mystery beyond our lifetime. However, we do know that the Theobroma genus has been dated to over ten million years old, and cacao is considered one of the oldest trees within this genus. So, by intentionally working with cacao, you're connecting to a plant that was around before the Andes Mountains rose up! 

Cacao's earliest known ritual use dates back to over 4,000 years ago. It is considered a pillar and sacred symbol by both Amazonian and Mesoamerican cultures by being venerated in ceremony and playing an essential role in many of these Indigenous cosmogonies. 

Cacao has seen a rise in popularity over the last two decades, and according to some stories, cacao would have a rise in our consciousness when Mother Earth needs us to learn to live in harmony with her… sounds about right. If anything, we have learned that cacao comes into our lives at the exact right moment. Cacao can harmonize our lives on multiple levels and has a rippling effect on our interaction with the world. 

Just as the cosmos function in unison, so do our bodies. In turn, the internal bodies that make up human nature (physical, emotional, psycho-spiritual) are also closely related and depend on each other. That's why when drinking ceremonial cacao, channels of perception can be created that give rise to deep, emotional, and introspective processes. So let's take a look at how cacao may affect us on all three of the levels mentioned above. 

Cacao & The Physical

Consuming cacao can support the body's optimal functioning by regulating muscle, blood, immune, brain, and nervous system functions, all due to the incredible amount of minerals found within cacao. This includes magnesium, chromium, iron, copper, calcium, manganese, zinc, sulfur, and phosphorous. Because it is rich in antioxidants like catechin, polyphenols, anthocyanin, and proanthocyanidin, cell recovery is stimulated, and the cardiovascular system is strengthened. These antioxidants also help prevent different types of cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and degenerative diseases. It's important to know that cacao's primary stimulant is Theobromine, not caffeine. Theobromine is really fantastic for heart health. It increases 30-40% of your blood circulation through the combination of vasodilation and cardiac targeting and is much gentler on the liver and nervous system than caffeine products. 

Cacao & The Emotional Body

By dilating the blood vessels and reducing blood pressure through the active compound of Theobromine, the vibration of our body changes. This shift generates internal movements related to the expansion of the heart, which allows us to feel, in greater detail, the various aspects of our lives that often get overlooked. By stimulating certain memories and sensations, ceremonial cacao helps us immerse ourselves in the emotional sea of our inner world.  Thanks to this it's possible to have significant changes and important understandings in our lives and what surrounds us.

Cacao teaches us to interact harmoniously with our body and environment, helping dissolve knots or repressed emotions and giving us a feeling of well-being, authenticity, and gratitude. The emotional wellness cacao may provide can be attributed to the various neuromodulators it contains, such as Serotonin, Dopamine, Anandamide, and Phenylethylamine, creating overall balance within our minds and hearts.


Cacao & The Psycho-Spiritual Body

By helping to improve brain function through neuromodulation, on which our state of mind depends, cacao intervenes directly with our psychic processes. It dissipates stress and tunes us into meditative and serene states. According to some Indigenous sages, our spiritual body is the mold in which all our senses, emotions, perceptions, and thoughts rest. Our spiritual body is a reflection of the ether that unites and separates everything in time and is the doorway to worlds of mystery and the subtle planes of existence. By drinking cacao in ceremony with a mystic eye, respect and reverence, you may activate a deep connection to Existence, which has been guarded by the wisdom of nature. 
Fires, prayers, and songs have been raised around the ritualization of this element of nature and has even been worshipped as a deity. The virtues of this sacred Food of the Gods continue to amaze us. We believe it is a great gift to be able to incorporate this delicious, healthy, powerful, and holistic medicine into our lives.

Next time you sit with your cacao, perhaps take some time to note down how you feel cacao has made a difference in your life- physically, emotionally, and psycho-spiritually. We'd love to hear what your experiences are as we continue to gather anecdotal evidence of the power of cacao. 

Love and Cacao Hugs, 

Jonas & The Ora Cacao Family 

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