"All I ask is for your respect. Mother Earth is waiting for us to respect her. Mother Earth is not waiting for us to save her. And we as Indigenous peoples expect the same." - Beautiful wisdom from Nemonte Nenquimo, Indigenous activist and member of the Waorani nation from the Amazonian Region of Ecuador.

When we heard these words, we were inspired to share something that's become very clear in our work with cacao. 

Being in an honorable relationship with cacao means being a steward of the Earth. 

As a medicine, rather than a commodity or candy, we've come to learn that cacao is here to teach us to live in harmony; with the Earth, ourselves, and community, something the ancestors of the original peoples knew very well. 

When you consciously drink cacao, and allow its essence to enter your heart, do you think of ways to give back?

It is said that part of our mission as humans is to take care of the lands that we live on, live in gratitude, and live in reciprocity. 

To not do so is to ignore our responsibility and take for granted the gift of plant medicines such as cacao. 

Respecting The Earth

Whether one is conscious of this or not, anyone who works with ceremonial cacao is also working in solidarity with many other movements and people that are restoring sacred relationships to the Earth through different practices. 

Drinking ceremonial cacao is a responsibility. 

It means supporting small companies and farms that practice their art ethically, using regenerative methods, and are not exploitative.

It means saying no to large companies that profit from the detriment of their farmers and land. 

It means respecting Indigenous sovereignty and paying attention to the wisdom of their practices that align with respect. 

It means so much more, but here we can begin to take small steps. 

Watch Nemonte Nenquimo's message to the Western world here and support the movement. 

Fundamentally, ceremonial cacao is about RESPECTING cacao as a sacred plant elder. Therefore, ceremonial cacao is an energetic standard, speaking to how the cacao is handled from seed to drink, with love, respect, and intention.

Reflections For Being A Steward Of The Earth

The next time you make yourself your favorite cup of cacao, we invite you to reflect on the following:

What are some small yet significant ways I can be an ally to my local environment? 

I am so grateful for all the things Earth provides for me such as…

As a steward of the Earth, and ally of cacao, these are the ways I can give back…

May you be inspired to continue opening your heart not only for your benefit but for the benefit of all. 

With love and cacao, 

Jonas & The Ora Cacao Family

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