The month of April is already feeling potent for transformation on both an individual and collective level.

We are in a time of emergence, and the energy of this month along with a powerful full moon, and the first New Moon eclipse of the year, is asking us to make space for inspiration that will lead to new ways of moving forward in our lives.

  • How can you foster creativity, passion, and innovation this month?
  • Where in your life can you implement purposeful intention for change?
  • Where in your life can you embrace flexibility to adapt like water and find new ways of living?

These are just some of the questions we are asking ourselves this month.

Here, we share our monthly Cacao Invocation for you to spend time with during the month of April to hold you within the container of its energy.

We recommend that before you drink your cup of cacao, you say these words out loud, or within your mind daily. Another wonderful practice is to place these words on your altar so you can be reminded of them each day as guidance.

If you’d like to deeply work with this energy the month of April, Tantric Rose Blossom Cacao and Mystical Mushroom cacao can both be wonderful allies.

Tantric Rose Blossom will guide you deeper into your heart temple, activating softness, flexibility, and receptivity to creativity while Mystical Mushroom Cacao can be especially helpful in grounding you into your body if you are going through changes that can at times feel destabilizing.

Invocation Of The Month | April 2023

With gratitude, humility, and reverence, I call upon the sacred and divine forces that surround this day
So that I may walk in harmony with the beckoning of these times
Calling upon truth, I tap into authenticity, so that each step I take is done from the heart
I open my eyes so that I may see new and innovative ways to move forward
I open my heart so the Visionary within me may come alive and dance freely in its creative force.
Activating full potential, activating full love.
May the mysterious waters of creation, passion, and spirit welcome me in a warm embrace
Reminding me that I am always held, and that I am a being of creation.
Inspiration abounds, and with that, potent intention moves me in new directions as I am filled with courage.
Today I remember:
I am the safe sanctuary that I seek
I am the fountain of inspiration that I seek
I am the beauty that I seek
I am a being of creation, capable of living the life that I seek
May my heart dreams guide the way, now and always.

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