Collectively and individually, we have made it through the threshold of a powerful eclipse portal.

As with any catharsis, after the climax comes rest, reflection, and integration.

These are the moments we can turn to cacao the most. To receive sustenance and strength in our process of restructuring as we begin settling into the changes.

In November, our Cacao Invocation is centered around the theme of embodied integration. What we mean by this is allowing our full body, mind, and energy to come to a place of alignment and agreement with what we are currently processing.

An embodied integration practice can look like spending intentional time with your cacao to express that which you’re moving through by moving your body. There are tools such as dancing, tapping, toning, and so much more. What will be your integration recipe this month?

Here are some journal prompts to support you in this exploration.

  • What daily physical practice brings me most into my center in an effortless way?
  • Today I choose to integrate the lessons and changes in my life by _____
  • When I come back to my center I feel ______ in my body.
  • What am I currently integrating in this moment?

Cacao Invocation Of The Month

To the sacred spirit of Cacao,
Thank you for holding me, grounding me, and bringing sustenance to my mind, body, and soul.
As I bring my heart to your heart, I bow in wonder as I remember that your magic is my magic too.
In these times of destined change, may your wisdom come alive within me to keep me steady on my feet.
In these times of destined transformation, may your love ignite a fire within me so that my path remains illuminated by trust.
As the paths move, shift, and realign, may I remember that my center can always be found within. Through a deep breath, a warm embrace, and a loving thought.
And when the ground feels as though it is moving from under me, may I remember that I am in a sacred dance that spirals in mysterious yet perfect forms.
Thank you for this moment of stillness.
Thank you for this moment of presence.
Thank you for this moment of connection.
Today, I choose to cultivate unification of mind, body, and soul so that as I walk in life, I can be an example of embodied integration for those who may need it, as I sometimes have too.

This Month's Cacao For Integration: Mystical Mushroom

More, please

“A friend gifted me my first bag of Mystical Mushroom cacao and I love it. It is such a wonderful way to start the day, sitting outside, holding a bowl of it in my hands, I spontaneously felt appreciation for all that the abundance the earth has to offer, even in these challenging times.” - Catherine H.

Perfect for my shamanic journeys

“I just love drinking this Cacao and lying down for a shamanic journey. I hit play on the drumming audio and let the Mystical blend of Cacao open my heart, while the drumming opens my mind to altered states of consciousness. Delightful!” - Marina M.


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