Each month carries with it its own energy. And as we’ve sat with cacao, over time, it’s become more apparent that this medicine is teaching us to tune into the rhythms of nature. So with that, we share a monthly prayer for cacao to help us tune into what we intuitively feel is the energy of the month.

In the month of April, we are tuning into the energy of the Visionary. Our power center is awakening with the warming of the days, and what better way to direct this life force, than with PURPOSE, INTENTION and DEDICATION?

April Cacao Invocation

From the center of my being,
I give thanks to the fire within
Opening this sacred space to receive the wisdom and guidance of cacao
From the center of my being,
I give thanks to the sacred seed of life
As i nourish it with gratitude, it blossoms into clear purpose
From the center of my being,
I activate my inner vision, to guide me, direct me, and show me the heart-led way, to remember that I can do all I intend to with what’s at hand
And so through my sacred purpose, become a steward for new Earth living
Rooted in reverence, inclusion, and dedication to all

May this bring you inspiration and joy. Our invitation is that you say this prayer each time you sit with cacao this month and watch what magic unfolds.

With love, cacao, and mushrooms,

Jonas & The Ora Cacao Family


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