How does cacao impact YOUR brain? 🧠

Can cacao help you access higher states of cognitive processing? 🙌🏼

Intriguing science suggests that the answer is…

✅ Yes, cacao has measurable positive impacts on how our brain processes information!

Specifically, as shown in these studies below, cacao activates gamma brainwaves, one of the highest frequencies of brainwaves.

And cacao can increase neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to recreate itself, as well as boost bodily health & function.

Let’s look at the scientific studies below AND see how you can apply this to your ritual.

Cacao Enhances Gamma Brainwaves, Neuroplasticity, & Brain Health

Gamma brain waves are the highest brainwave frequency that empowers us to link information all across our brains.

They are responsible for learning, memory, faster information processing, and higher cognitive functioning.

Gamma brainwaves are also associated with mystical “downloads”, transcendental experiences, creativity, and peak performance.

🧑🏽‍🔬Method: In this study published in the FASEB Journal, participants consumed 48g of dark chocolate candy bars made from Tanzania organic cocoa beans, consisting 70% cacao and 30% organic cane sugar and then performed a task. (Note: imagine what the benefits could be WITHOUT sugar, such as in our cacaos!)

Then, Electroencephalography (EEG) technology measured brainwave activity from 9 locations on the scalp at periods of 30 mins and 120 mins after consumption, and compared it to baseline measurements pre-study.

📊Results: For the 30 minute period post-consumption, the study “clearly shows the entire cerebral cortical region is modulated to varying degrees” of increase in gamma brainwave activity, while 120 minutes post-consumption still shows residual gamma brainwave increases in multiple brain regions.

💎Conclusion: Per the study, “We suggest that this superfood of 70% cacao (organic cocoa beans from Tanzania) enhances neuroplasticity for behavioral and brain health benefits.”

👉🏽Apply this to your cacao ritual: The 48g of dark chocolate consumed in the study included 70% cacao & 30% sugar, for a total of 33.6g of cacao after subtracting the weight of sugar. You don’t necessarily need to consume 33.6g of Firefly Cacao to boost your Gamma brainwaves, as our cacao is far more potent than chocolate candy. Roughly speaking, 33.6g of cacao would be 13 Firefly discs (~2.5g per disc). This translates to a hearty “Everyday Dose” (which we define as 5-12 discs) or a standard “Ceremonial Dose” (which we define as 12-20 discs). Always listen to your body when dosing. 

Next time you need to ramp up your brainpower, how about turning to a cup of Thriving Tanzania Pure 100% Ceremonial cacao? Now you know, it can help you perform at your peak and access higher states of cognition and consciousness!

Cacao Modulates Brain, Behavioral & Physiological Benefits

In a second study titled “Chocolate and the Brain”, researchers again studied the effect of cacao on brainwaves. 

🧑🏽‍🔬Method: Assessment of EEG was taken during a sequence of cognitive and sensory awareness tasks with 70% dark chocolate candy bars. Participants’ brains were measured as they recalled past experiences of eating chocolate, imagined eating chocolate, visualized, smelled, tasted, and consumed until satiation. EEG wave band activity was recorded from 9 cerebral cortical scalp regions and referenced to the a baseline task activity.

📊Results: “Gamma Band Activity was greatest in all 9 brain regions for all 6 sensory tasks” and was “highest of all the 5 [braniwave] frequencies.”

💎Conclusion: This study provides “objective evidence” that Gamma brainwave activity is initiated by “different cacao sensory awareness” ranging from recalling a chocolate eating experience to actual real-time consumption. This results in “subsequent modulation for brain, behavioral and physiological benefits.” Further, researchers proposed that this study could be helpful in determining the appropriate cacao dosage to optimize brain health benefits.

👉🏽Apply this to your cacao ritual: This study reveals the power of cacao! Without actually consuming any dark chocolate candy, participants had increases in gamma brain wave activity. The study suggests that it might be possible to improve our brains just by smelling, visualizing, or imagining cacao. Now, just think about the incredible psycho-physiological benefits you could reap when you consume pure sugar-free ceremonial cacao, rather than dark chocolate candy! Note: participants in this study ate until “satiation”, so when you prepare a cup of cacao to boost your brain health, simply choose the dosage that feels satisfying to you. 

Boost Your Brain With Cacao

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