It’s the official start of the astrological new year!

Do you feel the change?

It is as though a veil has been lifted. As the sun moves into Aries, it is time to embrace new beginnings and fresh starts. It is a time to plant new seeds and set new intentions.

Aries season nurtures fiery, determined, and action oriented energy.

This time of year we love working with Vibrant Vitality cacao as it brings balance to the body, and it activates strength and willpower which help to set strong intentions that can be sustained throughout time.

Take a look at our review of the month from Mylin where she shares how this cacao helps her integrate and feel strong.

Review Of The Month

“I feel so full and harmonized when I utilize this blend, so full of life. I wholesomely feel the integrity infused into this company. The entire symbiosis is felt in my waters and bone marrow. In deep respect for what this medicine has offered me and I am in thanksgiving for what will continue to unfurl. The vibrant vitality is probably my favorite blend for the phase of integration and strengthening I am acquiring at this season of my life, whilst honouring my cyclical nature, mama cacao holds, cradles, and sings to. I have this sensation that surrounds my entire womb to heart and amplifies my clean and good desires when sitting with my daily brew each blessed morning. And feeling the connection to the native peoples and lands…, is beyond a gift. And another area I could speak volumes to, yet look forward to stewarding in a reciprocal way. Thank you all 🍯🪶” - Mylin 



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