This year's fall equinox arrives exactly at 11:50pm September 22nd, so fall equinox is best celebrated on September 23rd!

With this new cycle, we want to wish you a nourishing upcoming chapter in your life.

May this mark a time of balance, celebration, and gratitude for you.

It is a great time to reflect on all the positive happenings of the year so far.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the Fall Equinox marks the end of the harvest season, which is a time to give thanks for all that has been gathered. Spiritually, it speaks to us of the cycles of life and death, and everything that happens in between, both the growth and the harvest. It is a moment of equal night and day, a universal moment of balance.

Maintaining balance in our lives requires us to review every once in a while, and that’s what the equinox comes here to encourage us to do. This is a wonderful time to reflect on what keeps us centered and what can change now in order to bring us back to center if we’ve wobbled out of it.

Fall Equinox Reflections & Cacao Ritual Suggestions

We recommend Connected Colombia Cacao for your Equinox rituals! It is grounding and will connect you to the energy of the Earth, helping you feel balanced and supported.

You may wish to spend some time in a solo ritual this day to honor the inward-turning energy of the approaching winter or invite some friends to share cacao in gratitude.

Group Ritual Recommendation:

Gather your closest friends and family, and host your own cacao circle. Create a beautiful space with flowers and perhaps a color scheme that represents the fall and set the tone with meditative music. Once everyone is gathered and you’ve opened your circle with a prayer of gratitude, such as this month’s invocation, have everyone write on a piece of paper everything that they’ve “harvested” this year that they would like to celebrate. You may wish to ask yourselves: What intentions did you set at the beginning of this year that you have honored and are now harvesting? Once complete, go around the circle sharing your harvests and celebrate each other. Finish the evening with a celebratory meal!

Solo Ritual Recommendation:

If you’d rather fly solo this day, you can still do all the above and, in addition, dedicate more time to reflecting.

  • What has kept you balanced throughout this year? Is it time to shift anything? I.e your routine, morning or night rituals, who you spend time with, etc.
  • Inquire into the wisdom of your spirit. Is there anything calling for you to make more space for? A project, a commitment, a dream?
  • What is your vision for the remainder of 2023? How will you prepare for 2024?

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