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Connected Colombia is BACK in stock! This pure 100% cacao has long been one of our most popular offerings!

Like silk wrapped around your heart, drink this cacao to strengthen your inner sense of connection. This cacao feels luxurious, cozy, and nourishing.

We know, it’s taken a long time to get this product back in stock… but that’s part of the process for small ceremonial cacao makers like us who craft cacao as a healing plant, not as a commoditized candy.

Our cacao is meticulously sourced, uniquely crafted, and thoroughly quality-tested. It takes many rounds of experimentation to perfect the roast profile and bring forth the strongest medicinal value and most delicious flavors.

Each batch is one-of-a-kind, and when marked back in stock, it's certainly the best cacao we can offer you!

As we head into the second quarter of 2021, we hope you soothe and harmonize yourself with a rich, decadent, hot cup of this Connected Colombia Pure 100% cacao.

Let us know how you like it and read more about Connected Colombia below!

Get To Know Connected Colombia

This cacao is grown as a sacred medicine by the Arhuaco tribe of the Tairona people (also including the Kogi, Wiwa, and Kankuamo tribes) in the spectacular Sierra Nevada mountains of Colombia, which rise from sea level to 18,700 feet in a mere 26 miles.

Feels: Luxurious, Cozy, Nourishing

Useful For: Soothing and Harmonizing

Tastes Like: Coffee, Bark, Grass 

The Arhuaco’s non-dual spiritual beliefs guide them to see themselves as an integral part of Earth, rather than as separate.

This deep sense of connection to Earth and spirit can be felt in each cup of this cacao.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five-Star Review

 "Heart Medicine from the heart of the Earth. I absolutely LOVE this Cacao. I know my Colombian ancestors rejoice whenever I sit and pray with a cup. It brings so much joy to my heart... I highly recommend this medicine." - Natalie Z.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five-Star Review

 "Thankful. I love that this is very grounding for me. I feel more calm and at peace when I take Connected Colombia. I often take this when I want to connect with my higher self and a higher power. Love love this." - Thivya K. 

Our Collective Impact

Firefly is one of the largest buyers of this Colombian cacao. And with our strong customer base and demand for high-quality cacao, we were a strong influence on them obtaining their organic certification. 

Today, cacao is the main source of income for 9 out of 10 Arhuacos farmers, who make 58% more income by processing their own cacao rather than selling to other buyers.

In their community, 73% of the people live below the Colombian poverty line, so this increase in income makes a huge difference in the quality of life for farmers and their families while also helping to sustain their incredible culture. 

About The Arhuaco People

As Rogelio Mejía, Governor of the Arhuaco, said, “It’s important that human beings become aware that we are just another element of nature. We are not nature’s masters. Nature is the master of our lives. Therefore we should change our attitudes towards living within nature.”

Living at the heart of the Earth, the Arhuaco maintain planetary balance and harmony by making ritual payments, or pagamento, to the Earth in gratitude for her services. 

High up in the mountains, the Arhuaco people consider themselves to be big brothers and big sisters to humanity, thus they frequently conduct remote healings for the planet.

As you may know, when the pandemic struck, the Arhuaco people stopped selling cacao and began praying for Earth. That is the quality of consciousness imbued in this cacao.

The Arhuaco people grew cacao 600+ years ago, prior to the colonization of the Americas. However, when the colonizers arrived, the Arhuaco people were forced to retreat to the higher mountains where they couldn’t grow cacao. Thus, they lost their ancestral lands, and their cacao traditions faded. With their territory recently recognized as a "living being" and receiving federal protection, they have regained access to their ancestral cacao growing territory, where wild cacao still grows.

They’ve since gathered seeds, planted more cacao, and established a fermentation facility. Now, they are once again sharing their revived knowledge of this sacred plant with us!

Watch this video on our website (scroll down below the product description) to learn more about the world view of the Arhuacos!

What Customers Are Saying

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five-Star Review

"Innocence, Love, & Lightness. Connected Colombia is a really beautiful cacao... incredibly pure, light-infusing, and brings so much love and innocence into my experience... Thank you for its lightness. And how the tribes infuse it with their divine, earth-integrated, non-dual wisdom is a lovely and much-needed blessing too. Thank you for bringing it in, Firefly! :)" - Christiene R

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five-Star Review

"Absolutely Divine. Truly a calming experience. The flavor of this cacao is absolutely delicious. It definitely highlights and enhances my meditation in the morning. I also made a cup to relax the other evening. Definitely worth the try." - Amanda C. 

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