The month of May is a month filled with blooming flowers and a growing sense of awakening within humanity here in the Northern Hemisphere.

As a reflection of Nature, we too are invited to blossom open and to expand our expression.

This is why Tantric Rose Blossom Cacao and Boundless Belize are our top choices for May.

The high vibrational energy of the roses in Tantric Rose Blossom Cacao can help elevate the frequency of your body while cacao elevates the frequency of your mind. This isn’t just a woo woo statement. The bio-electrical frequency of plant compounds can be measured, and rose is by far the highest, at 320MHz! So, by elevating your overall frequency you’ll be able to open your mind and heart to the gifts of May. New sparks of creativity, joy, and an overall sense of connection to life.

Tantric Rose Blossom 5-Star Reviews

Connection back to receiving

“My journey with the spirit of cacao has been so held and a deep dive into my heart. So much gratitude for this sacred medicine! I love the taste of Tantric Rose Blossom so sweet, rich and luxurious to my soul!” - Jackie B.


“This is my favorite cacao for sorting out emotional weight. It often aids me in having a cathartic cry release. It helps me to see the beauty of the world with a sense of awe and wonder, just as I might take in the beauty of a bouquet of roses. It gives me so much pleasure to smell the aroma of roses and I love practicing yoga after drinking this rose brew.” - Sarena K.

If you wish to take things to a new level with your inspiration and creativity, you can also team up with Boundless Belize Cacao. While Tantric Rose Blossom Cacao is quite opening and can help you re-awaken creativity, Boundless Belize can help amplify the inspiration and creativity that is already within you and around you! It is even a great medicine to help you feel more connected to community.

Boundless Belize 5-Star Reviews

Beautiful and Boundless

“We use this beautiful cacao in our business daily. We do our daily morning ceremony with it and it's been such an amazing journey. We feel so connected with our clients and ourselves. I've noticed my intuition is stronger which is perfect for the services I offer. This is a part of our daily lives and one we will not be without again here at Harmonious Hearts Healing. Thank you to all the beautiful people at Ora for giving us this beautiful cacao.” - Monica B.

Love you cacao thank you 💖

“I’ve order two 5 pound bags and love this cacao can’t go without 💖 it tastes good and feels good. I always get clarity and insights when I drink it. I have also many times told it before I drank it that “ I love you cacao’ and when I look away and look back it has a heart formed in bubbles for me. It’s truly magical to drink. 🤸‍♂️🧜‍♀️🛝🦋💖thank you for your amazing cacao !!!!” - Jevona K.

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