We're welcoming in the month of August! To finish out the summer strong, we’re inviting you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment with our month-long cacao challenge: Awaken Your Inner Power.

 What’s The Cacao Challenge All About?
Each week throughout August we’ll be sharing thoughtfully curated journaling prompts and practices to accompany your daily cacao ritual to help you step into a new level of personal power.

If you don’t already have a consistent cacao ritual, this is a great opportunity to create one!

This challenge is perfect for both beginners and more advanced ceremonial cacao lovers as it is simple and easy to follow and can be added to your own personal rituals, or turn into your daily practice.

 What You Need To Do To Be A Part Of The Cacao Challenge
It’s quite simple! Stay tuned to our weekly newsletters. Beginning today, we'll send you the suggested prompts and practices that will serve to ignite and inspire that inner greatness that dwells within you.

 Our Suggested Cacaos
We recommend Oaxacan Spice or Vibrant Vitality to bring about the energies of fire, passion, and vibrancy! If you love a bit of heat, go for Oaxacan Spice, if you’re looking for nervous system regulation with stamina support, Vibrant Vitality can be a great ally.

Awaken Your Inner Power With Ceremonial Cacao
Week 1: Empowering Affirmations

This week, we begin by writing inspiring and empowering affirmations that will accompany you throughout the entire month. In this way, you’ll be able to strengthen your positive self-talk muscle, and begin to feel the power of affirmations.

The Practice:

At the beginning of this week, dedicate at least 30 minutes to a cacao ritual so that you can get really clear on the affirmations you most want to accompany you throughout the month.

Begin your ritual by embodying gratitude. Before you sip your cacao, speak out loud what you’re most grateful for, and even take some time to thank yourself for dedicating this space and time to you. There's nothing right or wrong to say, just speak from your heart.
When you're ready, begin to sip your cacao, inviting the wisdom of this plant to accompany and help you open up to personal power.
Now, grab your journal or a pen and paper and answer the following prompts:
  • Think about a role model or someone you admire. What qualities do they possess that inspire you? Write some affirmations that reflect your aspiration to embody those qualities.
  • Reflect on the ways in which you are sometimes unkind to yourself through negative-self talk or self-criticism. What are some affirmations you can write down that counteract this kind of self-talk? For example, someone who is demanding on themselves may think things like “I don’t do enough” to counteract this kind of talk. Or as another example, a loving and kind affirmation could be “I am doing the best I can, and what I do today is enough.” 
  • Reflect on a challenge you’ve had to overcome in your life. What did that challenge teach you about your resilience? Write a few affirmations to remind you of your capacity to overcome and face difficult moments.

Throughout The Week:

With the empowering and loving affirmations that you have written down, for the rest of the week, each day, choose one that you would like to work with.
Take a moment with your ceremonial cacao, breathe into your heart, and ask yourself in an honest and loving way, “what affirmation do I most need today?”
With each sip, repeat this affirmation, and you can even do this throughout your day every time you pass by a mirror!
We all have a lot going on these days, so we suggest you create a calendar reminder for this cacao challenge, you can name it “Awaken Your Inner Power.” All you need is 10-15 minutes!

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