If you’ve been staying up-to-date with our weekly newsletters then you know this month we’re sharing a fun and simple Cacao Challenge to help you Awaken Your Inner Power.

If you missed it, no worries, you can read week one’s cacao ritual and journal prompts here!

The rituals and journal prompts shared throughout this month in the challenge build upon each other, so feel free to start week 1 today and then move on to week 2 🙂

Recommended Cacao

We recommend Oaxacan Spice or Vibrant Vitality to bring in the energies of fire, passion, and vibrancy!

If you love a bit of heat, go for Oaxacan Spice; if you’re looking for nervous system regulation with stamina support, Vibrant Vitality can be a great ally.

Awaken Your Inner Power With Ceremonial Cacao


This week’s part of the challenge is about beginning to craft your own Personal Empowerment Ritual. It’s a ritual that we hope you will feel confident in turning towards whenever you need to feel a little extra oomph or just want to nourish your inner passion.

At the beginning of this week, dedicate some time to preparing your cup of cacao and beginning your ritual with this month’s Cacao Invocation

As you sip on your cacao, return back to your affirmations, and narrow them down to your top three. Which ones were you turning to the most last week and which ones made you feel the most connected to your center of authority? These will be the affirmations that will accompany you throughout the remainder of this month.

From there, make a playlist with your favorite songs that make you feel confident and strong! Give the playlist a fun name and save it. The purpose of this is for you to have some music to turn to if you ever need to raise your Inner Power barometer or are feeling good and want to celebrate. Music can do wonders for our soul, and has the ability to profoundly change our mood!

Lastly, do you have a meditation you absolutely love that makes you feel strong and confident? If so, add that into your Personal Empowerment Ritual recipe. If you can’t think of anything, check out this amazing breath work meditation for focus that is centering and activating. 

Bonus: Reflect on what fears or limitations you currently have placed on yourself. Make a commitment to overcome at least one of these fears or to begin to tackle a limitation within this week.

Throughout The Week

Once you’ve created your own Personal Empowerment Ritual, we invite you to commit to using it each day this week. Remember, the elements of the ritual include: daily affirmations, an inspiring playlist, and a visual meditation. Anything more is welcome and up to you!

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