We are often asked, “Which cacao is best for Full Moon rituals?”

We’d like to think that the answer is all of our cacaos! But today, we will highlight one in particular:

Glowing Guatemala. Like the energy of the Moon, this cacao graciously emanates a loving and wise energy.

Additionally, just as the Moon reflects the light of the sun, Glowing Guatemala is a great cacao for insight and inner work, which helps us reflect our own light back to ourselves. 

(P.S. - The next Full Moon is Wednesday, May 26th. Get your cacao now so you can enjoy your next Full Moon Cacao Ritual!)

Get To Know Glowing Guatemala

This is a Pure 100% Cacao grown in a remote village of 125 families that make 90% of their income from cacao.

They are disconnected from the rest of the world except for a footbridge crossing the raging Cahabón river, across which they carefully carry the 100lb sacks of cacao one by one! 

🌕 Glowing Guatemala Pure 100% Cacao 🌕
Feelings/Mood: Mothering, Strong, Wise
Useful For: Insight and Inner Work
Tastes Like: Fig, Tobacco, Leather


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five-Star Review

"You won’t go back once you try this. Once we tried firefly we can’t go back to the powder or nibs. The difference the [discs] make in how easy they melt makes a world of difference. Great for hikes or just to make your morning a bit easier. Always excellent quality." - Marie R. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five-Star Review

"Bold cacao that helps me connect to earth. I love this cacao specifically because of how bold it tastes and feels... It really hits you in your heart and you feel so grounded. I actually enjoy this cacao later in the afternoon because it helps me reconnect to myself and recharge and feel more creative.  It's definitely one of my top favorites." - Sofia H. 

Create Your Ritual for Self-Reflection

One of the biggest takeaways from working with cacao is the collapse of the idea of human supremacy. Humans have a lot to gain from working with healing plants such as cacao!

When it comes to self-reflection, in which Glowing Guatemala can capably support you, it’s important to bring a humble presence to your ritual.

Ask the wise cacao spirit for help. May this inspire you to ask cacao to support you in your insight and inner work for Full Moon rituals and beyond:

  • Cacao’s DNA is more complex than human DNA (28,798 protein coding genes vs ~18,000 protein coding genes). 
  • Cacao’s genus has been dated to ~10 million years old, which means it has been around since before the Andes Mountains rose up on the South American continent! 
  • Cacao is one of the most pharmacologically complex plants on the planet with between 3,000 - 12,000 constituents!

When you are drinking Glowing Guatemala, a Pure 100% cacao, you are connecting directly with the energy and wisdom of this amazing plant.

What burning questions do you have about your life, which cacao can support you in illuminating, just as the Sun illuminates the Full Moon?

How are you being invited to reflect your light on the planet? Ask cacao. Listen. Be guided. 

How Customers Are Feeling

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five-Star Review

"Beautiful, heart opening cacao ❤️ This has shot to the top of my list. This stuff is so heartwarming and puts me in a good mood right away. I love it so much. I blend it with chai or dandelion tea, sometimes coffee, and I notice that when I blend it with coffee, the effects of the caffeine are smoother and there's no crash. Highly recommend it!" - Amanda  

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Five-Star Review

"ONE of my favs!!! This is absolutely one of my favorites! All of Firefly Chocolate's products are amazing, but something about this one helps me tune in and feel more deeply connected in my meditations." - Betsy W. 

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With Love, Gratitude, & Cacao,

Jonas & The Firefly Family


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